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A Uniform Guide: Perfect Medical Scrubs for your Healthcare Staff

Medical uniforms be it medical scrubs or medical jackets are significant for any healthcare and medical business in order to make sure that the facilities are perfectly sterile to have a healthier environment for all the staff and the patients or the attendants and other people in the vicinity. Medical scrubs are available in various styles and designs; this now up to the hospital management to choose whichever medical scrub style and design they consider appropriate for their staff. There are various kind’s medical scrubs available in the market. The fundamental constraint for the healthcare management to face is the type of medical scrub to choose. Below is given a list of widely used medical scrubs:

Female Nursing Medical Scrubs:

These types of scrubs are the most common medical uniform healthcare in the market, and are available in various feminine designs and styles. Uniquely designed for female hospital staff be it nurse, doctor, or any other management staff; it gets dull wearing the same uniform every day. There are hospitals which allow their staff to wear specific patterns if they are not happy with their blank solid color medical scrub. There are abundant of nursing medical scrubs for females on wholesale online stores.

Veterinarian Medical Scrubs:

As the name suggests, this uniform is commonly used in vet hospitals. Though the medical uniform businesses make a different kind of uniforms to accommodate every department of healthcare, in this department, you can wear the standard uniform that is used in every customary hospitals. The reason why a medical uniform business makes vet medical scrubs separately is that apart from the practical use, the vet’s like to match their uniform with the interior of their clinic or the room.

Surgical Medical Scrubs:

Medical scrubs have many different types, and surgical medical scrubs falls under the category of “disposable” medical scrubs and are only used in surgical or operation theaters. These disposable medical scrubs are easy to clean and to keep sterile while you’re working in the hospital.  This is primarily the main reason why these medical scrubs are perfect in the operations theaters and surgical halls.

Medical Lab Coat Scrubs:

There is no major difference between medical scrubs and medical lab coats. The main difference between the both is simple. Lab coats are used in the labs and by lab technicians and assistants. As the term indicates, the staff wears them over their normal clothes so in order to protect their clothes from chemicals and other liquids and fluids. White in color, long sleeved, and design for the light workload, these medical lab coat scrubs are the best in the market.

Male Medical trousers Scrubs:

Though both gender usually wears trousers, it is compulsory for male nurses and other male hospital staff to wear trousers. These trousers come in various sizes, shapes, and designs than those of the females. Investing in male medical trousers is an additional expense, but it is worth the money as they are comfortable as compared to the standard male medical uniform scrubs.

Hospital owners or those people who manage the medical scrubs and uniforms for the staff tends to purchase unisex uniforms and scrubs to lessen the hassles of keeping track of inventory separately. With the advancement in technology, the hospital and other healthcare facilities are still not aware of the leap in the e-marketing with wholesalers who deal in everything regarding the medical scrubs and uniforms. There are various wholesalers that too online, which will keep a track of your inventory and provide you with the best of the best quality of medical scrubs in any state you’re in. We are listing best wholesale medical scrubs and wholesalers of medical scrubs in the city of Phoenix, Arizona:


Toll-Free: +1-888-551-0950

Hours: 09:00 A.M., the whole week.

An online wholesale store that deals in every kind of medical scrubs for all. Every top brand is available on this exclusive store for you to choose and let your people know that you take cleanliness as a significant factor. Medical scrubs are an integral part of the field of healthcare, and thus, offers a wide range of different medical scrubs, coats & jackets, and other medical related garments. Try out this store for the best wholesale medical scrubs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Arizona Medical Equipment & Supply

Phone Number: +1 623-266-7255

Hours: 08:30 A.M., five days a week (from Monday till Friday).

An excellent wholesale store for your medical scrubs and other related equipment and stuff. They have a big collection of different styles and colors of scrubs for you to choose from the selection which you think best suits you or your hospital environment. Try out this store for new and innovative medical scrubs for your hospital.

Ahwatukee Medical Supply

Phone Number: +1 480-961-5743

Hours: 09:00 A.M., works six days a week.

Another wholesaler in the medical scrubs department. They have good quality medical scrubs and other gears for hospital use and for those medical staff who has to buy their medical scrubs, this place is the best for them as well due to the wholesale rates and good quality. Another excellent quality of this store is that it has and return and exchange policy for all of its customers and they can avail it in 30 days. Give his store a try and enjoy the fantastic medical scrubs in town.

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