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How to Market Men’s Undergarments the Right Way?

You need to realize the importance of marketing strategies before you come up with your own brand for mens undergarments. Marketing is not something generic. Each product has its own nature, target market, etc so you have to be very careful with the marketing channels you use. Gone are the days when a simple newspaper ad created a word of mouth. A right marketing technique can take your business from 0 to 200. Below is a handy list of the ways you can market undergarments for men.

1. PR Packages to Fitness Trainers

In today’s age, social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and Instagram are full of fitness bloggers. Their followers are also obsessed with fitness. Therefore, it’s a really great idea to send nicely packed PR packages to bloggers with a huge following. The number of followers matters a lot. More followers mean that your message will reach out to more people. Also, make sure that the bloggers have organic followers.

2. Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement is a very effective way to market your product. People are generally attracted to the products that are endorsed by their favourite personalities. You need to make sure that you don’t pick a random person. Their personality and profession must have a connection with the product you are going to sell. For example, you can get any famous swimmer to endorse men’s boxers.

3. Ad Placement

Place ads in a place where there is a huge walk-in of your targeted customer base. For example, a sports complex for men. People who go to the sports complex have greater needs for different types of undergarments. Therefore, it would make a perfect place to place your brand’s advertisements

4. TV Commercials

TV commercials are expensive but they can create a buzz if recorded the right way. If you have a budget create a memorable advertisement with interesting taglines, visuals and jingles.

5. Collaborations

Collaborate with the right business, bloggers and other people to market your people. For example, you can collaborate with the popular fitness centre in your city. You can rent a small space in that centre for a few days where you can get a chance to sell your products.

6. Print Ads

Design creative print ads and get it printed on a popular magazine that is only meant for the men. There are a couple of points you need to consider here. Firstly, not every men’s magazine is the right choice. Target market varies from magazine to magazine. Make sure that specific magazine has a similar audience as yours. Secondly, it’s important to choose the right page. Although rates for front pages and double spreads are high they attract large traffic.

7. Ambassadors

Millennial boys are very conscious about what they wear. They take every piece of clothing from underwear to a t-shirt pretty seriously. Therefore, never miss a chance to target them. Hire ambassadors from famous educational institutes. Assign them activities to carry out in their institute. This is going to create a crazy word of mouth.

8. Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns have a high success rate because almost all young boys are glued to screen 24/7. Come up with unconventional ideas for your campaign to gain maximum likes, shares and comments.

9. Sponsor Programs

Sponsoring relevant events creates a lot of awareness among people. However, make sure you sponsor a credible event with the right target audience. For a men’s boxers brand, sponsoring a sports gala would be a great choice.  Also, make sure that your brand name, posters, flexes are visible enough to reach the target audience. And don’t forget to ask the management to mention your name at the end of the event.

10. Host Events

Also, keep hosting small events from time to time to keep reminding the audience about your brand’s presence. Also, invite bloggers and media personnel who would cover the event on social media.

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