5 best jeans types for men in 2019

Jeans are one of the most sold pant styles for men. Every year over a billion pairs of jeans is sold. This fact alone is enough to prove the trend of jeans in men fashion. You also want to buy a nice pair of jeans for your wardrobe, however, with changing trends it is not an easy choice. Everyone wants to look chic and stylish every time, however, not all of them can keep us updated about the latest trends. To make things simpler for you while choosing jeans, here we are sharing the 5 best jeans styles for men to wear in 2019.

Skinny jeans:

Probably one of the trendiest style and type of jeans, skinny jeans are massively in fashion trends in 2019. Skin fit jeans are tight-fitting jeans that are very tight in your legs. This jeans pair is very fashionable and looks very classy for people having normal legs, however, if your legs or too fat, skinny jeans might not be a good option for you. For people having moderately fat legs, skinny jeans are the best bottom wear. Skinny jeans are best paired with polo t-shirts, button-down shirts & flannel shirts.

Slim jeans:

Slim fit jeans are on the other hand slightly fit in your legs. These are not very tight and thus look very attractive for people having any kind of legs. For skinny guys, slim fit jeans are the perfect bottom wear as these give a very good shape to your legs. Unlike skinny that are very fit and are not for people having the skinny physique. Slim fit jeans can also be worn with any kind of upper wear including button down, formal & polo t shirts.

Cotton jeans:

Another very classic jeans type to wear in 2019 is cotton jeans. Cotton jeans are not purely a jeans fabric but it looks very similar to one. It is made of cotton and is massively trendy in the current fashion circle. Cotton jeans is a very diverse in its kind as it can be worn with any type of fashion wear. Formal shirts, casual shirts, button down, checkered shirts, t shirts, and polo’s all gel with cotton jeans in a very chic way.

Regular fit jeans:

Regular fit jeans is a normal and most widely adopted jeans style. It is not very fit and not very loose at all. Rather regular fit jeans is the best jeans type for anyone who is skinny or fat. To pair it with other apparel you can think of everything. Also, regular fit jeans is best to be worn with sneakers. Online jeans shopping in Pakistan is the best way to find the best quality & chic mens jeans.

Tapered jeans:

You might not have heard of tapered jeans before. You might have a few in your wardrobe which you always considered slim fit. Tapered jeans are those that are loose on the upper side but taper downwards as fitted jeans. These are not as fit as skinny hence give the illusion of a slim fit jeans. Tapered jeans are very trendy stylish and are best for guys with longer legs.

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