Agra: The First Choice of a Tourist

Agra is one of the famous city and location of country India which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is the second largest state of India and is famous for its various historical importance.

The famous Hindu pilgrimage Varanasi is located here in this state. Though India is considered to be the developing country people around the corner are very keen and interested to visit India because of its old and historical importance.

There are a number of histories for different cities in which buried all over India and people are too excited to extract that history and learn more and more about one corner of the world. We all know that India was termed as the Golden Bird and this phrase appropriately suits with India due to development is done in the country in the olden days. 

If we discuss further India, we can say that every corner of this old country is just a boon to visit. The four directions of the country have its own importance which compels the visitors to visit all the direction of India and have a wonderful vacation in India.

When a person comes to India he makes different plans and schedule to visit different places and none of the schedule of the visitors in complete until and unless he visits the famous Mughal city Agra.

We already mentioned that Agra is located in Uttar Pradesh and it is at a distance of 200 kilometres from Delhi. So in this regards, if a person has reached Delhi then he might spend one more day to have a tour of Agra. Due to the importance of Agra city, the Agra tour packages are the most famous package amongst all in all the travel and tour agencies. 

There is a different mode of conveyance to take a trip of an Agra city in a day. In order to commute from Delhi to Agra, there is an option of train, bus, plane, and hiring in a car. Once the person reaches Agra, he can hire cabs in Agra and roam around freely without any worries. 

As already mentioned above Agra is the city of Mughals and was very famous during that era and its popularity is still increasing day by day. The reasons for its popularity are the monuments constructed in this like the Tajmahal, the Agra Fort and the baby Taj or Itmad-ud-daula. A person visiting Agra cannot miss any of these monuments.

The best time to visit the city of Taj is between October to March because it the time when the city has pleasant weather. This is the time where the winter season sets in. Tourist from across the world visit Agra only in this season. The temperature of Agra remains below the 30 degree Celsius which is makes it more tourist friendly in this season. You can easily roam around the city with your friends and family. We hope you always have the enjoyable experience in the city.

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