Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Teenagers

Teens are concerned about their birthday party’s more than an adult as this is the time where they get to show off their new clothes, have big parties, and gather all their friends together. But when it comes to planning their party, it gets very difficult. That is why here are some theme ideas that you can use. 

Glow In The Dark Birthday Party

There is no better way to celebrate your child’s birthday with all his closest friends by his side. You could have this party in your living room as there is more space.

What you need:

A pack of glow sticks, a strobe light, some party music of your teen’s choice, face paints that glow in the dark, glow stick bracelets, neon plates and tumblers if you can find them and glow masks. You could also order helium balloons online and paint them with neon paint so that they glow in the dark.

What you can do:

  • The boys can paint their faces with the glow-in-the-dark face paint.
  • Play some party music that will bring life to your boy’s birthday and make your living room a dance floor.
  • Hang a twirling disco light or a strobe light in the middle of the room to get an even glow.
  • Give them their glow masks and bracelets and let them enjoy the night.
  • Serve your delicious birthday snacks or dinner in neon plates, if you could find them.

Emoji Themed Birthday Party

Well, aren’t millennials all about emojis? They would definitely love this idea. You can arrange this either in your living room or any indoor area. 

What you need:

Yellow construction paper, double-sided tape, markers, yellow balloons, yellow paper plates, food colouring pens, and popsicle sticks

What you can do:

  • Decorate the wall with large-sized printed emojis. You could also keep a yellow, circular cut-out and stick it with tape on the wall.
  • Keep some loose cut-outs, so that the teens get to make their own emojis and stick them on it.
  • Serve mini pizzas and create faces with the toppings. You could also use food-colouring pens to draw different emojis or expressions on cheese slices.
  • Layout yellow paper plates, markers and construction or chart paper so that the guests can draw emojis and pin them to popsicle sticks.
  • Blow yellow balloons or get cheap helium balloons delivered to your home and draw emoji faces on each of the balloons. Tie them up with strings and let them float around in the room.

Instagram Themed Birthday Party

There is hardly anyone who does not use Instagram these days. Having an Instagram themed birthday party for your teen will be exciting and very stylish that will be their Instagram worthy. You can decorate the theme at your home itself. 

What you need:

Photo props such as moustache, 3D glasses, 3D nose, ribbons, printable Instagram icons, gumballs, printable cupcake wraps and Instagram photos of all your guests

What you can do:
  • Make a backdrop for the party spot with fabric and vibrant tassel garlands.
  • Lat out some cup stands on the table and place the cupcakes and Instagram icons such as likes, hearts, hashtags, and love, on them.
  • Decorate the birthday cake with a printable cupcake wrap to give the came a touch of the theme. In case you are buying a cake, then you could put some icons around the cake.
  • Make cookies by melting chocolate and Oreos.
  • Use colour combinations of colours like green, purple, blue, and hot pink for the theme.
  • Keep a photo prop table with moustaches, 3D eyeglasses, fake teeth, 3D nose, and banners so that the guests can take crazy pictures.

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