Outdoor Shade Cantilever Umbrella

cantilever umbrella
pool umbrella

The Cantilever umbrella or pool umbrella is probably one of the stylish shade umbrella one can find with a unique form and style.
As an outdoor umbrella, this can be part of the décor of businesses which regularly entertain guests. Having a cantilever umbrella can start a good impression among the clientele who prefer to have some leisurely time outdoors.
The cantilever or pool umbrella can offer a different setting for guests while providing a good shade for those who want to take a break from the warm weather. Unlike other umbrellas, a cantilever is slightly bended and has no center post or pole. Its steel pole that supports the canopy to the base is fixed on the side to give way for bigger space within the cantilever perimeter.
Because it’s not the typical shade umbrella which can take up unnecessary area and does not limit the seats available to guests, a cantilever can be used in resorts, coffee shops and venues offering special functions and other customer-centric businesses.

Here is what makes a cantilever uniquely different to other shade umbrellas:
1. Its canopy can have a better variety of shapes and color.
More design and style options can be chosen from a cantilever. It can have the usual shaped canopy that’s round or squared, or it can have a more eclectic shape with full metal support for better stability.

2. A cantilever umbrella can be tilted or angled up or down or to a direction that filters the sunlight.
When there’s too much sun heat that can be inconvenient for guests seated under a cantilever, the outdoor shade umbrella can be adjusted to make it more functional as a sunscreen.

3. Stable and secure metal base and stand.
A cantilever umbrella has a metal base that can be fixed on the floor, and a rigid pole thus offering stability without safety concerns for guests. One can also put some fixture or a functional table and seats to supplement the outdoor umbrella.

4. Functionality as a piece of furniture or as a decorative accessory.
Use this outdoor umbrella as a corner space for guests or turn your dull area into a cozy area where friends can gather together in one’s house or business. And there you got a nice outdoor shade umbrella that’s useful for homeowners and guests.

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