Concrete Sealing To Protect The Concrete From Wear And Tear

Concrete is a tough material, which is used in the construction of the buildings, roads, and other such things. Proper maintenance is needed to protect the concrete from wear and tear and that is the reason why concrete sealing is important. There are many concrete sealers that should be applied on concrete for its protections.

Types of sealers

There are three types of sealers used to seal the concrete and protect it from wear and tear. These types are mentioned below.

1. Topical

Topical sealers are applied on the surface of concrete so that a protective layer can be formed. This sealer can be applied on indoor and outdoor parts on which concrete is used.

2. Penetrating

Penetrating sealers form a chemical barrier by penetrating inside the concrete. This penetration protects the concrete from moisture.

3. Integral

Integral sealers are not applied on the concrete. It is mixed with the concrete and the concrete is applied on the desired surface.

Benefits of using concrete sealers

People will get many types of benefits by applying the concrete sealing, though they may use any type of sealer. Some of these benefits have been described here.

1. Prohibition of the growth of molds

Concrete consists of pores through which moisture can enter. If the moisture does not dry immediately, it can lead to the formation of molds.  If the molds are not treated, they can lead to green discoloration, which will soon appear on the concrete surfaces. In order to prevent the creation of molds, concrete sealers are applied. Applying sealers will increase the life of concrete.

2. Durability of concrete increases

If the sealers are not applied on the concrete, it can cause scaling, crackling, and can cause other types of problems. Applying sealers will increase the durability of concrete. If people want that the concrete should dwell for a long time, they should apply sealers.

3. Life of concrete extends

The life of concrete can be in the range of 25 to 30 years but wear and tear can decrease its life. In such a case, the concrete has to be reapplied on the surfaces. The life of concrete can be increased by applying sealers, as it will protect it from moisture and other environmental conditions.

Concrete surfaces on which sealers can be applied

There are many concrete surfaces on which concrete sealers can be applied. Here is the description of some of the surfaces in which sealer is necessary.

1. Outdoor surfaces

Sealing outdoor concrete is necessary, as it may be damaged due to weather and other environmental conditions. This damage includes cracks, discoloring, and other such things. The sealer will protect the concrete from oil stains, yellowing or fading, mold, tire marks, and many others. Usage of good sealant will make the maintenance of the concrete easy.

2. Concrete floors

To make the floor durable, concrete is the best choice. Floors are necessary for both commercial and residential buildings and having a concrete floor is a good option. A concrete floor sealer is affordable and people can apply them to extend the life of the floor and the concrete. A concrete floor sealer preserves the appearance of the floor and prevent the entrance of moisture that may further develop molds.

3. Concrete countertops

The countertops on kitchen and bathroom can be protected by applying concrete on it. The concrete countertops in the kitchen will prevent food stains and scratches. The sealers are resistant to heat and scratches.

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Concrete sealing will increase the life of concrete, as it prevents the growth of molds and different types of stains. It is easy to maintain the concrete.

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