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Digital marketing v/s Conventional Marketing

In today’s globalized and competitive world, digitalization has created a buzz in the field of marketing and business.

Promoting, advertising and branding are the major sections of the business development world that comes under the umbrella of digital marketing. Every business wants to grow up and reach great heights.

In order to achieve the desired outcomes, you need to market your business. This can be done through conventional marketing, as well as, digital marketing. Both these genres of marketing differ from each other, yet making linkage in the business development world.

It’s not a surprise that all the marketers these days have put their steps in the digital world as per the changing customer’s attitude and requirements.

Digital Marketing is simply, the marketing that done through online platforms. We can also call it e-marketing. It encompasses websites, social media, podcasting, radio, television, mobile phones and even the traditional ways such as billboards and transit signs to market your business or product.

The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more prevailing every day.

From food to furniture, everything can be accessible to you without consuming much time. More and more consumers have started buying products online instead of walking shop to shop. Digital marketing has the potential to convert the way you reach and engage your customers.

Whether you have your established business, start-up, small or large scale business, or you are a new-comer in the industry, digital marketing is there for you. This cost-effective way of marketing allows you reach your ideal buyers, and make them loyal to your services.

Anyone can access the services of digital marketing from anywhere without consuming plenty of time.

Digital marketing falls under various categories:

1. Content Optimization or Search Engine Optimization

It deals with the strategy of ranking your business website in the search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) It improves the visibility of the website on the internet.

It works by focusing on great content by inserting valid keywords. Highly optimized content will have high visibility over the internet.

2. Cloud technology

Marketers, nowadays, are using cloud-based technology to market their business. It involves targeting the audience through social media pages and other online portals and work with digital marketing experts.

3. Affiliate marketing

This type of digital marketing involves affiliates that carry the brand image and are paid for the conversations to the target audience.

4. E-mail marketing

It enables you to increase your e-mail subscribers on the daily basis of your business, this includes the email campaigns to market the business.

5. Landing page marketing

It involves the landing pages, basically the web pages in which visitors first enter. Marketers link their landing pages to ads displyed on other websites that appears firts on search engine pages.

The above-mentioned are some of the ways of digital marketing and many more in the queue. Digital marketing helps you to boost your reach among the customers.

But we need to think about the marketing origin too, the conventional methods that are still in the lane and are running good as well.

Business and its way of marketing have given birth to immense methods and courses of action, from that of development of e-commerce on the internet back in 1955 to the present digitalized scenario.

Earlier, the trend of marketing in the business world was “Conventional marketing”. It can be referred to as the use of all the traditional mediums such as Television, Radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, telemarketing, and mailers.

Conventional marketing has served at its best in the business industry and played a vital role for a business person to move ahead.

It falls under categories such as:

1. Print

This includes marketing through newspapers, magazines, newsletters, brochures, and other printed distributions.

2. Electronic/ Broadcast

This category encompasses the medium such as television, radio, and other methods of marketing such as on-screen commercials in the multiplex.

3. Direct mails

It includes the direct mails that are delivered to the customers or targeted customers via fliers, letters, postcards, and other printed materials used to market your business.

4. Telemarketing

This involves the people who make sales calling via phones to build the affinity of targeted customers.

These were some of the methods of conventional marketing, which were leading the business person to grow up and prosper in the past. It made a strong reach to the local audience, and the best option was the radio. It was the quickest way to advertise your business.

Conventional ways of marketing such as the use of postcards, fliers, newspapers and other printed materials were used from anywhere without the use of the Internet.

But when we look as per the audience convenience, the advancements of digital marketing are providing much ease and comfort to the customers and so to the business persons too in terms of their profit and prosperity.

Then and now, both the scenarios are different in terms of customer requirements but are same in terms of reaching them.

In this field, where conventional marketing has served with its exposure and easy reach of a local audience, there, digital marketing is taking less time. 

Both the marketing carry enough potential to market the business at great. But, there are some areas where conventional marketing is lacking and digital marketing is filling those areas.

Although, conventional or traditional marketing has been getting success in the past, but the enormous use of the internet and smartphones enable users and customers to move their heads towards digital marketing.

It helps you reach your engaged consumers. Through social media strategies, you are not only able to publish and promote your business on social sites, but you’re also able to reach customers or targeted customers through advertising.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offer enlightened targeting options that help you to reach the customers who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Ok Google, what’s the weather today? Ok, Google, the best place for holidays. Such phrases, questions we often and daily ask Google and other search engines to get our solutions.

In the same way, customers research products and services that help them in fulfilling their needs. With the help of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, the businesses can easily learn about their target audience and their needs.

Also, this can be the best opportunity for small businesses to get connect with potential customers and help them in their beginning phase of the buying cycle.

Thus, it can be concluded that the modern marketing methods are worth of use to develop one’s business in the competitive industry. An unsegregated approach of marketing by using the modern method will help you market your business and product among the competitors. In a nutshell, digital marketing and its immense use are beating conventional marketing. The future of the digital marketing can be predicted as the convential and the modern marketing methods cannot come in one sheath

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