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How to choose the right microwave oven for your kitchen

Cooking has never been so easy in these times, it has gotten convenient, safe and quick. Microwave oven provides all in one cooking appliance as you can cook different types of food, whether they are time sensitive or requires to be baked or steaming it has it all. That is why you need to make sure you have the right microwave for your kitchen which fulfills your cooking requirements. And in order to maintain you have to have your microwave testing on point, so you are not deprived of this great facility.

Now when you talk about the right microwave you must know that there are different microwaves available such as built-in microwave, over the range and countertop. Your choice should depend on what are your kitchen requirements.

How does it work?

A microwave is a cooking appliance which runs on electricity and allows you to cook different foods with relative ease. In a microwave, you expose the food to microwave radiation to heat and cook it.

A microwave oven is made of a number of components such as HV capacitor, cavity magnetron and a magnetron control unit, cooking chamber, waveguide, and a control panel. This allows easy and fast cooking as it consumes more than 1000W electricity to produce more than 700W of electricity.

How to choose the best microwave for yourself?

Determine the amount and type of food you need to cook

Different microwaves are used to cook different types of food and there are different sizes available in microwaves so you can cook more food at once. So determine what you need to cook and how much at one time and then opt for a microwave.

Your budget

The second which you need to decide is which oven fits your budget, you need to find the right brand, size, and type which fits your budget. Once you know what your kitchen requirements are then you need to match it with your budget.


When purchasing a microwave oven make sure you buy which has clear visibility with bright interior lighting. This will help you keep an eye on your food, sometimes your judgment can go wrong with the timing and you may overcook your food so keeping an eye will help in these cases.

Child lock

It is recommended to buy a microwave with child lock features where there is a keypad which allows you to lock the microwave door so no children could scald themselves by touching hot food. You can release the door handles by the keypad.

Easy to clean

Some microwaves are easier to clean than others. You can determine that by identifying too many gaps between the services in and out of the oven. Too many gaps will trap food and grease which would be hard to clean.

Also, some ovens have stainless steel which looks nice, but it is rather hard to clean.

Time adjusts and sensors

Microwaves with adjustable timing are handier as you can adjust the time without stopping the cooking. Also, sensor cooking allows for automatic functioning where the appliance measures the cooking time by emitting vapors from the food.


These are some of the factors to have to determine before you purchase or replace a microwave oven in your kitchen. Make sure to get your microwave maintained by scheduling regular microwave testing.

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