Create a Great Impression with Digital T-Shirt Printing

There are several things that are needed to be done to help get the most out of the technology of digital t-shirt printing if you are completely prepared to turn into your epic design into a complete finished masterpiece of art that is ready to be printed.

When it comes to designing t-shirts it commences even before the loading up of Photoshop, Illustrator or a similar design that is ready to be programmed.

Before reading on about the preparation of the artwork, you will be making a great move to have a clear shot of idea of the design that you are going to prepare with digital printing with garments.

Today we are going to share some ideas that will help you a lotto form a great t-shirt design through digital printing on garments.

When you are trying to find out your way around the program like Photoshop or GiMP for drawing, editing cut and pasting for creating a design, you need to be competent enough with this.

Going with the portrait design

There is a common factor that is lurking to be landscape in orientation when it comes to the screens, photos, and art canvas.

When you flip your canvas at the most 90 degrees into the portrait mode is an awesome tip as when it comes to clothing t-shirts are portrait shaped.

You will find chest prints through digital t-shirt printing everywhere as this is one of the most popular designs among the consumers.

When you are trying to familiarize yourself to what it sells it helps in a lot to look at some of the most popular t-shirt designs and the most crucial thing of all is to design something that you would love to buy.

You are at the right place if you are creating something that you would feel is the right thing to wear as you are compelled to make a purchase of one.

Always try and stick to your like and so not go ahead designing just to target the demographic as all you need is a simple chest print.

Choose no drama so avoid vectors

It is quite essential to work in block vector form with the use of simple limited colors for matching up with the screen printing or full-color t-shirt printing.

There are several manufacturers out there who use digital printing technology for bulk orders so all you need is to go straight ahead with the use of raster art.

A raster is basically a normal image that is carved out of pixels if you are not completely sure of what it means. You need to use photos as well as several colors that way you like them.

So, how are the prints done?

When it comes to the processing of white tees and color tees, they are usually processed a lot differently. It will help you a lot to create consistent results as this is something important to think about it.

All you get is the white shirts that are similar to that of paper. Whatever affects you would love to put up you need to go ahead with the crazy blends, fades as well as the blurs with full-color photos with add on effects that you wish for.

The resolution of the paper that is used here is 150 dpi when you consider that the print is on a natural fiber and not photo paper while printing on the t-shirts. You can really not go wrong on a white t-shirt or top as long as you do not have those tiny texts that are leading below 1mm.

As we all must have put a white ink down on the fabric prior to the color layer that is going on it is similar to that of applying a base coat.

It all means blends and fades as they do not work well as they do similar being on the white tees, that is the reason it is pretty best to avoid the feathered and blurry edges to the art instead of choosing the solid edges and this is the main consideration of designing.

You need to avoid the swathes of white ink. It is slightly less detailed with white base coat, so you need to avoid those tiny little petty lines with the ability to render to the text and you need to ideally keep the fine details just above 2mm of the design.

Make the best use of sRGB

The coloration is the last thing to consider here. There are several variables that need a guarantee with the one-off digital print on pretty demand for the products that are sold across several manufacturers so, you will have to monitor, design the program and have an image conversion software that will all be configured in a completely different manner.

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