Picturesque places in Himachal that will glam up your Instagram profile

There are exceptionally talented photographers who are travelers at heart and photographers by passion. The modern young hearts live their passion side by side with building up their career. Visiting beautiful places and clicking gorgeous photos to fire up Instagram accounts is a trend among youngsters. These mountain lovers catch the best of mountain beauty by experimenting with angles and lights and cameras.  The truly beautiful pictures are usually posted and reposted to garner a plethora of audience love. They give a chance to the people from the plains to fall in love with the mountains of Himachal.  

People dedicatedly follow Instagram accounts and consider the updates to be quite useful. Apart from appreciating their work from an artistic point of view, admirers also take the photographs as cues to set travel goals and venture into similar adventures. Some of the very photogenic locations that keep on recurring on Instagram to glam up profiles can be listed as follows.


Kangra was formerly known as Nagarkot. It is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque valleys of lower Himalayas. Kangra is also widely popular for being an area famous for arts and crafts. The fascinating land with its breath-taking views of the snow-capped Himachal mountain ranges gives ample scope to get clicked.

  • There is a bagful of architectural wonders such as the Brajeshwari Temple which is set amidst panoramic settings.
  • The wonderous Kangra Fort stands tall, regal and majestic and calls for glam quotient earned through the rich history and royalty associated with it.
  • The picturesque Kareri is a photographer’s favorite with the still blue waters of the lake reflecting the clear blue skies resplendent with the white fluffy clouds and the contrasting greenery around.
  • The Baijnath Temple, Kangra Art Museum, Jwala Devi Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, and the sleepy laid back Pragpur Village all brim with the tradition and rich heritage of India and produces epic shots to glam up your Instagram equation.


Sangla Valley, situated close to the Tibetan border, is one of the exquisitely charming valleys in the whole Kinnaur District. Sangla Valley is a perfect getaway into the heart of nature away from the bustling city life. The Sangla Valley is spread over a region of 40 square kilometers. It presents a magnificent view of the Kinnaur Kailash peaks. Sangla Valley is ideal for glamming up your Instagram profile with some exquisite soul-searching backdrops.

  • The background that is worth getting photographed is the Kamru Fort that stands at an altitude of 2600 meters above the sea. It has got a splendid aura with its eternally stunning views of the Sangla Valley, the sparkling mountain streams and the impressive apple orchards. The idol of Kamakhya Devi and the marvelously decorated elegant timber terrace of the grandiose ancient fort pitted against age-defying snow-capped mountains, dense forests and lush green fields of the Sangla Valley are photographer’s haven to boost Instagram.
  • The religious, as well as lovely settings of Bering Nag Temple its famous and vibrant Fulaich fair in the months of August-September, is a grand rigmarole and worth catching on camera to add zing to your Instagram profile.
  • The Bapsa River with its proximity to the Indo-Tibetan border, the settings of the Sangla Hills, fed by the perennial glaciers and sharing its catchment area with the Ganges, flowing through the pine and oak forests makes for a serene backdrop to every photo clicked in the valley.
  • The Sangla Meadow and the dreamy and misty Chitkul Village and the Batseri Village with the gorgeous Bapsa River cutting across to meet the Sutley River and the green fields, meadows, and pastures with the snow-covered terrains look truly mesmerizing.
  • The Buddhist Monastery also known as Brelengi Gompa, founded in 1992 by the Mahabodhi Society, has a 10-meter high majestic statue of standing Buddha and has some intricately carved astounding beauty that is a pleasure to click.


Dalhousie is a tremendously popular hill station of Himachal Pradesh. It has magnificent settings with five gorgeous hills surrounding it such as Kathalagh, Potreyn, Terah, Bakrota, and Bhangra. The towering snow-capped peaks interspersed with serene picturesque lakes and waterfalls of Dalhousie have acquired the status of mini Switzerland of India. Photography for Instagram in Dalhousie is a sheer delight and produces charming results. If you want to spend a blissful and pampered vacation in the Lap of Himalayas, try booking Tour Packages from India Tourism Guide.

  • Panch Pulla is a refreshing waterfall with a setting of a dense green cover of fresh pine and deodar trees. It is the meeting point of five charming streams. The marvelous beauty scales up to the glamour of Instagram updates.
  • Chamara Lake with the rich splendor of natural beauty of green cover and exquisite valleys attracts a lot of photographers. The luscious pine trees, the lustrous valleys and the frozen white mountain landscapes around the lake in winters is sheer bliss for tired city eyes. The beauty of the surroundings is bewitching and appealing to photographers.
  • Satdhara Falls has a stunning beauty that exudes from the seven beautiful springs flowing from a height of 2036 meters. The streams cross the majestic mountains and cliffs of Chamba Valley to plunge into an amazing waterfall.
  • Khajjiar is a magnificently eye-catching valley. It is fondly referred to as the “mini Switzerland of India” for its legendary beauty.
  • Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary with the enigmatic species of leopard, bear, deer, langur, jackal, Himalayan Black Marten, Barking Goral and countless beautiful birds that can be spotted here makes for a distinguished destination for wildlife or nature photography.
  • St John Church is an architectural marvel of ancient times and is an eternal and sanctimonious spot for photography. The church stands tall as a symbol of eternal history and beauty.
  • Subhash Baoli the beautiful perennial spring with healing properties in its water is surrounded by the fresh greenery of thick conifers and the majestic snow-laden peaks of Himalayas.
  • Dainkund Peak with lush green surroundings and imposing and striking Deodar trees, calm forests, colorful flowers, and green valleys give ample reason to photographers for shooting ethereal pictures. 

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