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The Importance and Usage of Illustration to Create New Ideas

An illustration is a huge platform to communicate with images, in terms of feelings, a message or a story. With the use of words and arts together mainly helps to clarify and explain any difficult or complicated ideas. Children books illustrator helps to create interest in the new or unknown subject for children and it is the best way to grab their attention. Several types of illustration that can easily target the audience in diverse contexts such as animation, interaction, print images.

Historical and Cultural Illustration

The importance of illustration is also overlook in historical and cultural values. Art is that ability which has been associated with wealth, identity, status, belief and religion. In ancient time, people used different symbols and images to explain any complicated culture and message to people. In order to illuminate and enhance, to express power, to tell story, ownership, and identity has kept traditional culture alive.

We know that illustration is develop from early printing process named as woodblock. There is an improvement in the printing process that the help of art and then it reproduces for a better understanding of people. The recreate form of art is more accessible for people to communicate visual things. With the help of illustration, people are well aware about the objects and photographs. People used illustrator to teach the society. It is very effective to communicate, explain and present happy moments. Illustration helps to educate people on communal issues and entertain people by using cartoons and pictures books. Sir John Tenniel published the first illustrated book for children named as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Usage of Illustration

Illustration used in the following ways that are mention below:

  • Engage and Entertain Reade

Illustration is the most powerful tools to entertain and engage readers. Images stimulate the senses and stimulate various emotional reactions by using illustrations you can stimulate and enrich your imagination. It can show new or different ways of seeing and thinking things and promote freethinking and imaginative thinking. The illustrations are not limited to those where photographing and filming are impossible. It can show the new world with stories and original characters and provide alternative views and comments. There is no limit to what illustrations can be express.

We look at the illustrations before reading the text so we can lead the passive reader to something we might otherwise have avoided. As this figure arouses visual interest, it reflects the tone of the story and facilitates understanding through visual cues. It clarifies, presents the information and makes it more interesting for digestion. Illustrations help people with different languages ​​understand the words. This number is also useful for early readers and people with learning disabilities.

  • Personality Engagement

Illustration gives the words personality. It can give personality, charm, attraction, humor and a more human feel to other boring materials. It can express feelings and feelings so that it indicates the feeling your information should convey. Happiness, sadness, anger, etc. It can stimulate other senses, strengthen the message and can be immerse. Illustrations are valuable because they can make things friendly, beautiful, desirable and personal. All these things encourage someone to buy or at least be interested in something.

  • Graphic Designing

Illustration is a powerful tool in graphic design and advertising. It can attract attention, promote causes, make it easier to read the text, and make the image and brand more consistent.

  • Brand Awareness and Engagement

How someone perceives a brand can be influenced using illustration, and it helps to tell stories that related to the brand message. It makes sense to encourage people to respond whether it is buying, triggering, attracting, rejecting, reading, or learning a product or service. It can involve the audience or create a discussion for the brand based on visual cues that can engage and attract the audience.

Art of a certain style has been use in different eras and cultures around the world. These historical or retro illustrations can create a sense of nostalgia or a sense of time and place. Illustrations can also boost confidence in the brand. It can evoke tradition, quality and nostalgic feelings. By using familiar visual images, you can give the brand continuity and increase awareness of its fairness and value. For a new brand, illustration can be memorable and create brand awareness and confidence by tailoring the brand’s message and audience.

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