Top Inventory Management Tools For Small Business

Inventory Management is needed in every business whether it is big, medium or small. It helps companies keep track of their stock and inventory. Rather than Guessing, it is the ideal way to take control of their business-related activities.

In this article, we will provide you some of the trending inventory management software and tools that will help you do the task:-

1. Unleash

Unleash is an inventory management system which helps small business to effectively take control of their inventory from anywhere. This system’s dashboard is based on cloud which provides for an account, profit, stock to their business. 

Also, this system has affordable pricing plans for you. 

2. Ordoro

Ordoro is a shipping operation app that provides business with cost-effective and cutting edge solutions to their goods inventory for shipping operations. It is tagged as the smartest shipping app in the world.  

3. Inflow

Inflow is an online inventory management system that provides users with the facility of receiving orders, reorder stock, manage products and a lot more with ease. It also has some free packages for the newcomers in the world of small business. 

4. Advance pro 

Advance pro provides businesses with some high programming inventory and warehouse management tools. In the advance pro system, you can integrate QuickBooks records with ease. Advancepro’s pricing is very competitive and much dependent on the package you choose. 

5. Goldenseal Accounting

It is specifically designed for small businesses such as construction firms and other related business that concerns with materials and time. The goldenseal Accounting system has a full list of Accounting and Inventory management services.

6. NCR Counterpoint

NCR Counterpoint offers an intuitive solution to the small business operating in retail, wholesale or mail-order. Hosted by Cloud, it is a point of sale(POS) software that provides automated purchases order and hosting payment processing features. It also has competitive pricing on its products.

7. Zoho Inventory

If your business deals with multi-channel selling than you can consider using Zoho inventory. It has powerful inventory control which is proficient to allow small businesses to manage orders and inventories and selling them to multi-channels.

Zoho Inventory is affordable for all sizes of business. 

8. Jumpstock

Jumpstock is another inventory management software that takes care of a business’s full inventory requirements. Its pricing is also competitive.

9. Lettuce 

The Lettuce inventory system app provides solutions to the variety of business fields such as shipping, payment processing, tracking, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and many more. 

The lettuce Inventory system is affordable in pricing.

10. Wasp Inventory Control 

Wasp Inventory Control provides a user-friendly real-time solution to inventory management. Wasp inventory control is suitable for a business with the number of employees ranges from 5- 99. 

Wasp inventory system price is dependent. It is based on what type of business you choose.

11. Retail Inventory

Retail inventory app is a comprehensive inventory management system, which includes scanning barcodes.

 The pricing of the Retail inventory system is also dependent.

12. Infoplus    

The infoplus Inventory system is suitable for both the medium and small business that operates in retail, consumer goods, food and beverages and more.

The pricing plan for the Infoplus is also dependent.

13. SOS Inventory

SOS inventory is another inventory management system app which uses QuickBooks, adding features such as Sales orders. SOS inventory also manages the business by their inventory in multiple locations and can track down their cost history.

The pricing of the SOS inventory system ranges differently.

14. TRXio 

TRXio is the Cloud-based inventory management system software that provides solutions to all sizes of business in order to effectively manage their stocks and inventory.

TRXio also offers a 14 day free trial period for the business before they commit to fully purchase this software.

15. Losoftware  

Losoftware is a free inventory management software for small businesses operating in retail, e-commerce and other service-based industries. This software is simple and easy to use.

16. Cin7

Cin7 is another inventory management system that is based on the point of sale. It can track the sales and inventory of a company in real-time.

The price of this Cin7 software is a little more than the price of other systems.  

17. OrderBot

OrderBot is another inventory management system software which is based on completing orders and shipping process. This system can create customizable or adjustable packing slips. Due to this, Business needs to request a quote based on their requirements.

18. Clear Inventory

This inventory management system software is designed for very small  . This is a very cheap tool and ideal for the business that can only pay for what they need. It is also very simple to use.

19. SalesBinder  

SalesBinder is a next step inventory management software app that has some advanced features such as to manage customers, purchase orders, invoices and also suppliers. It can be started in 15 seconds.

SalesBinder is available both as free and with a sufficient cost.

20. Veeqo

Veeqo is another Cloud-based multi-channel inventory management system suitable for small to large businesses.

Veeqo’s Pricing is competitive and can be vary depending on the business income. 

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