Who Can Undergo A Heart Transplantation?

When it comes to heart transplantation it is actually a replacement of a person’s damaged or a diseased heart with a healthy heart of a donor. Here, the donor is a person who has already died and the family has agreed to donate their loved one’s heart to save another life.

Heart transplantation in India has become an established treatment now for those who are suffering from some advanced heart disease. Each year, almost thousands of people get saved after undergoing a heart transplant surgery.

Why are Heart Transplants performed?

A surgeon considers for a heart transplantation if they consider that the chances of heart failure is very severe and it is not responding to any other therapy. But at the same time, the health of the person is otherwise good. The major reasons why a person can go through a heart transplant surgery are:

  • Dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Birth defects of the heart
  • Severe coronary and artery disease along with scarred heart tissue from a heart attack

It is also very important to note that there are many new treatment processes and innovations have arrived when it comes to heart failure like new surgical therapies, new drugs and pacemakers. When one is determining the treatment options then it is very important to be evaluated by a doctor who actually specialises in heart failure.

Who can undergo heart transplant?

This surgical process is mainly for people who have reached the end stage or the advanced stage of heart failure but are otherwise healthy.

The following basic questions should be considered by the patient, their doctor, and their family to determine if a heart transplant is right for them:

  • Have the other therapies tested and tried?
  • What is the chance of death without the transplantation surgery?
  • What are the other health and other organ conditions? Are the lungs working properly?
  • Can the patient practice the lifestyle changes and the drug treatments that are required once the transplantation is done?

If these things are okay, then a person can go for a heart transplantation. But if one has some other severe diseases or active infections along with obesity then they might not be considered as a candidate for transplantation.

Process of heart transplantation

In order to get it, one has to be placed in a transplant list first. Before that one has to go for a screening process by doctors, surgeons, nurse and social workers about the medical history and diagnostic test results. If one qualifies the procedure, then they can be enlisted there. Once the patient is approved then they have to wait for a donor and this process can be really long and stressful. Once a donor is found then the surgeon can run through the surgery process.

The heart replacement surgery cost in India can be expensive and one needs to check the expenditure before deciding on it. One should weigh the chance of the survival of the patient undergoing it and then proceed. This is a lengthy process.

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