3 Easy Ways To Display Recent Tweets In WordPress

Social media has become an important platform for marketing any entity. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small blog owner, you need to create a strong social presence to become successful. Social networks help in engaging audiences and boosting your image. The unique nature of different platforms allows you to engage visitors in numerous ways. Here we are discussing some methods to display recent Tweets in WordPress. Twitter is a micro-blogging site and one of the most popular social networks in the world. Integrating your website with your Twitter profile will enable you to engage the followers on one platform with the content of the other. The following are the ways that you can use to display Tweets on your website.

1. Display Tweets In Website’s Sidebar

Most users like to display social comments or tweets in the sidebar of their interface. WordPress users can easily achieve this objective by simply pasting a content URL in any content area of their website. This is possible because of the oEmbed feature which converts the link into an embed code. Let’s see how you can add tweets to a website’s sidebar.

i. Copy Your Profile’s URL

You will first need to access the URL of your Twitter profile. Take a look at the image given below.

Here you can see that the URL of the profile is:

Your profile URL will be in the same format, with your username following the Twitter website domain. You can open the profile in a browser and copy the URL from there.

ii. Add The Text Widget To Your Sidebar

Access the admin dashboard of your WordPress installation. Locate the Appearance option in the menu and then choose Widgets. Now, you can simply drag the text widget and drop it on to your sidebar.

iii. Embed Twitter Feed In WordPress

Paste the URL that you copied in Step 1 into the editing area in the text widget. As soon as you paste the link, it will transform the text widget into a Twitter timeline widget. All the latest posts from your twitter feed will become visible. Click on the Save button and the posts will become visible in the sidebar of your interface.

2. Embed Twitter Feed In WordPress Website

We will now show you how to embed your feed from the micro-blogging site into your WordPress website.

i. Go To The Twitter Publish Website

Did you just convert HTML to WordPress and are looking for a simple way to display Tweets on your interface? Then this method will be just right for you. You will need to visit the Twitter Publish website. It is a service offered by the microblogging platform, that allows users to easily embed Tweets. Go to the website and enter your profile URL in the box displayed on the page.

ii. Select A Display Option

Once you have entered the link, click on the arrow icon in the box. You will now be asked to select a display option. There will be two options listed namely, Embedded Timeline and Twitter Buttons. Choose the former as you want to display recent Tweets in WordPress by embedding them.

iii. Copy And Paste The Embed Code To Your Website

As soon as you make the selection, code for embedding the feed will be generated. Hit the Copy Code button.

Now, go to your website’s dashboard and visit Appearance > Widgets. Add the custom HTML widget to your interface’s sidebar. Then paste the embed code that you copied just now.

Press the save button and the feed will now be embedded in your website.

3. Embedding Tweets In Blog Posts

There will be situations when you will want to embed tweets in your blog posts. This can be done easily through the new Gutenberg editor.

i. Create/ Edit A Post

You will need to first open an existing post in the editor or create a new one. Go to Posts > All Posts and then open a post in the editing tool. In case, you want to make the integration in a new post, visit Posts > Add New.

ii. Add The Twitter Embed Block

Once you have opened the post in Gutenberg, you will need to add the Twitter embed block. Click on the Add Block “+” icon and then use the search feature to locate the block.

Enter, your twitter profile URL in the box shown in the block and then press Embed. As soon as you click the link, your feed from the microblogging network will automatically start displaying in the block. Hit the Publish button and the Tweets will be integrated into your blog post. A scrollbar is included with the feed and you can use it to scroll down to check your feed.


There are 3 simple ways that can be used to display Tweets on a website. In case, you are looking for a more customized solution, then you must engage a WordPress website design company to do the integration in an even more seamless manner.

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