4 Things You Can Bring Home Personalized from Nottingham

When you visit Nottingham in the United Kingdom for the very first time, you look forward to having a great experience which you can talk about even when you leave for home. You love to enjoy the atmosphere, the different vibe and the interactions you get from meeting new and unfamiliar faces. There’s always so much to anticipate when you travel to this beautiful place. 

Of course, as your trip goes to an end, you do not simply leave and say goodbye to the place you’ve been in for a couple of days or more. Not just awesome photos will you bring home but also adorable souvenirs and other items. 

In Nottingham, there are lots of amazing things you can actually bag for yourself. One of the nicest things about that, too, is that there are tons of items you can have customized or personalized just for you. It makes your travel to Nottingham an even more worthwhile and unforgettable one!

Below are 4 things you can get personalized for yourself and bring home with you from Nottingham.


Source: Studio Chocolate (Trip Advisor)

Probably, bringing home chocolates is one of the most common and most expected things people coming from a foreign place (especially abroad) do. It’s like a universal thing or a norm that when you come from abroad, your family and friends would think that you will give them some chocolates! 

In Nottingham, it’s really delightful for they have sumptuous chocolates which can only be found in this amusing city! And the fun thing is that there are chocolate shops wherein you yourself can ask them to customize your chosen chocolates, or it’s you who will create for yourself! Sounds exciting, right? 

Chocolates of different kinds, milk, dark, white and many more plus their add-ons such as toffee nuts, almonds, fruits and many more, can be bought! Aside from those, you can also have other sweet joys for the sweet tooth. There are jelly beans and colorful candies packed in cool bags and bottles! 

Some of the places in Nottingham to get your customized or close-to-the-heart sweets and chocolates include The Treat Kitchen, Chocolate Utopia, Studio Chocolate, Thorntons and The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza.

Source:  My Sugar Coated Life – Studio Chocolate


Source: Razzle Dazzle (Trip Advisor)

You may find it a bit difficult to keep them in your baggage, but you can actually make it work out. What are they? Pots. Yes, you can make your own pots or at least design them on your own, and bring them home! There are several arts and crafts shops in Nottingham, and friendly experts and staff will help you come up with your distinctive product that is the only one in the world! 

Aside from pots, you can also create other ceramic materials based on your own interest and desire. For example, make your own ceramic keychains, figurines and decorations with a personal touch! It would be nice if you will create a design that’s related to your Nottingham travel, putting the dates of your trip too. It would be a wonderful souvenir that you didn’t have to merely buy but actually put effort in. 

If you will be looking for Nottingham shops to have your artistic talents expanded and showcased and to make a souvenir that belongs only to you, check out Created by Hand, Razzle Dazzle, Hands On Pottery and Funky Pots (best for kids). 

Source: Hands On Pottery


Source: The Bead Shop (Twitter)

Numerous people all over the world, especially ladies, love accessories and jewellery so much! Many also love it when they buy those that have their names on them or that have symbols or designs that represent something about them. These are either already available or made-to-order.   

Visiting Nottingham would be a very unique experience if you do not just buy some precious jewellery, but form one or more for your own. There are shops and centres that offer jewellery-making workshops! They provide the materials where you can choose from as you build your custom-made accessories. From rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets to so many more kinds of accessories, you can have a good time and bring a goodie marked for you only!

For particular rates considering the sizes and types of jewellery, as well as the quantities and qualities of pendants, locks and other patterns and materials to use, you can register in these workshops so you’ll be guided by specialists in this field of art. 

Some shops you can check in Nottingham for this extraordinary experience include The Bead Shop, Simply Amazing Jewellery and Cyrilyn Silver

Source: The Bead Shop (Trip Advisor)


Source – Knit Nottingham
Source – Knit Nottingham

Nottingham is a cool place, literally, talking about the weather in this busy and mesmerizing city in the UK. That is why thick clothing and knitted ones are also usually seen and sold here! 

With that being said, surprisingly, you can also craft your very own knitted materials and garments here and take them home with you! Wow, what a lovely thing to do and have! It’s not a typical thing that a place allows people to obtain this kind of experience, so travelers and tourists would surely love Nottingham where you can knit and have a fun, productive time! 

With your own hands, you can fashion your own knitted clothes, scarves, dresses, bags, sweaters, socks and even toys! Nowadays, knitted clothes and stuff are rare, so this would really be a valuable chance! Of course, the process may not be very easy at first, especially because knitting is different from simple sewing, although they both come from the handwork, but it will undeniably be fulfilling! 

Check out The Craft Studio and Knit Nottingham for a dear knitting adventure in the city!

Source: Knit Nottingham



Nottingham is definitely a place filled with grace and pleasure. In many ways, this UK city shows its glamour and productivity, not only in its liveliness but also in its visual appeal. 

Just by looking at parks, malls, boutiques, coffee and pastry shops, restaurants and hotels in Nottingham, you will truly have a huge idea that it absolutely values its people and its great history. This is reflected by how their buildings, areas and tourist sites are created and personalized into something and somewhere tourists and travelers will discover and understand their treasured past and present looking toward a hopeful future.

Besides priceless memories and learning, the above-mentioned things in the list are some of the stuff you can take with you as remembrances from Nottingham. You can work hard on them and hand them as personalized gifts for your loved ones at home too. It’s not a typical way of bringing them something from your trip because it will surely make them feel very special as you have not forgotten about them while you soak in fun. 

Have a blissful and personalized experience in the Queen of the Midlands! 


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Nicole Pore
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