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The easily arrange your comfortable living room is a place where you spend most time of your day. So this place has to be perfect in every way like in decoration, the color of the walls and how things should be kept and where.

Color schemes and furniture play an essential role in the overall mood of your living room. But the actual furniture arrangement makes the difference between both a comfortable living room and a lonely one. Designing your living room can be a little confusing and sometimes hard as you may not know which thing to put where and what color combination will go with your wall color. This is why it is important to put a lot of effort, care, and research when designs for comfortable living room.

Here are the 4 simple and easy ways which can help you in designing your living room with ease.


If you are not able to decide what to do with your living room choose a theme that goes well with your wall color. For example, a contemporary theme that will give your living room a modern touch. If you are a fan of the 90s or 60s era then go with retro or vintage theme and decide color according to your theme like for vintage go for colors like off white, silver and golden. You can have different theme ideas and color combinations using technology or you can decide according to your liking and plan accordingly.

Tip: choose your expensive decorative pieces first and then decide the color for your wall based on them.

2. Purpose of your living room.

Before arranging your furniture in living room decide what is the purpose of your living room. Is it for guests mostly ? Is it  for family?

How many people are going to use it? Decide based on all these parameters and then arrange your furniture accordingly.we all want our living room open and think that the best way to achieve it is to push all the furniture towards the wall ,leaving a lot of space in the middle. 

   What you really need to do is to strategically group the furniture so that every area serve its purpose.

Tip: Place bigger furniture before after that arrange other furniture.

3. Placing Livingroom Accessories or Products.

Once done with furniture, it is important to think about the accessories.what accessories you want in your living room and where do you want to put it. Placing accessories requires as much attention as furniture. Place art opposite the seating arrangement so that your guests can see it, not behind it so that the art is rarely enjoyed. Avoid the large & long painting behind the sofa set. Don’t place mirrors where your guests constantly see themselves. It’s very distracting and makes everyone uncomfortable.Place it somewhere where it reflects a beautiful view. Ignore using dark curtains. Bring in some live plants to give a feeling of nature in the room and get fresh oxygen. One can put artificial plant as well but live plants has their own beauty and vibe.

   If you are not certain what will work,take the help of technology. Create different arrangements and see what suits you best and what will work according to your lifestyle.

4.Decorating the walls

Empty walls may give you an impression of an incomplete look.But this doesn’t imply that you fill each and every inch of your wall. But decorating it with beautiful art pieces is important like wall hanging, portraits, amazing scenery and photo frames. Nowadays, beautiful wall decoratives are available which one can use. You can create your own wall hangings, and other decorative materials with the help of technology and put it on your wall.

     Follow your instincts in deciding what will go in your room. Get the basics of what to hang and how to arrange it.

      Put different lights like ambient, task and accent. Light sources should be placed at different angles and different levels. Consider overhead chandeliers, table and floor lamps, and wall sconces.

     Your living room should be filled with good vibes and colour where you love to go again and again. Don’t make it stiff and formal.

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