Best Tips To Train Better In The Gym

Best Tips To Train Better In The Gym

If in my beginnings in this sport I had someone who had taught me to avoid the many mistakes I made, or had access to the flow of truthful information about the complex world of muscle development that exists today, surely I would have achieved my goals and I would have done it in half the time.

Building muscles above average is not an easy task and success depends on many factors.

Therefore, only with experience can you save a lot of time and avoid making mistakes that prevent you from advancing or delaying your development. But the experience needs many years to accumulate, so the best I can advise you is to take advantage of that of others who have already traveled that same long road.

That is why what follows is a list of mistakes that you should avoid committing and also of action advice that you better do if you want to reach the maximum development that your genetic potential allows you.

Use A Strict Technique

The strict way of performing the exercises must be the inescapable rule of your training, in my opinion the main one. Whether or not you are laden with genetic virtues, you should always pay special attention to the technique, if you do not want to end up plagued with injuries. You must strive so that each repetition is carried out in a meticulous way, be it the first or the last of the series.

When you move weight you must become mechanically perfect machines. You will avoid the risk of injury and stimulate the muscle much more.

Beware Of Overtraining

Excessive enthusiasm and the rush to grow may be the worst enemies of progress. If I have learned something over the years, less is more. It has taken me a long time to discover and prove it, but I am convinced that no one needs to train more than four days per week nor should they do it more than two days in a row without at least taking a rest.

When it comes to growing, rest is essential or simply hypertrophy will not take place.

If you train hard really, and that is a mandatory rule, you must allow time for the body to recover and carry out recovery and overcompensation tasks. Only then will you move forward. You must be after good supplements and it’s good. Apart from that, you can also choose to try hgh injections like humatrope 72 iu.

Control The Speed Of Repetitions

If you want big muscles and can continue training for many years, in addition to using a strict technique you must perform the repetitions at a slow pace. If you are not powerlifters or weightlifters you should not train as such. These athletes lift a lot of weight and are certainly impressive, but their muscles have neither the size nor the quality required by a bodybuilder.

Do not make explosive or ballistic movements like them, because they are dangerous and these involve forces such as inertia to lift the weight. Do it slowly and you will ensure that it is the muscle that moves 100% of the weight, which has a greater impact on its development, while eradicating any risk of injury.

Eat small amounts of healthy foods every three hours throughout the day

It took me a long time to verify that it is not the same to ingest 5,000 calories a day in three meals, than to do it in six small times distributed every three hours.

I also had to learn that my body does not process 1,000 calories from greasy hamburgers in the same way as from chicken breasts or boiled eggs.

Do not waste time in the gym training hard and following the rules of this art if you do not apply rigorously in the diet. Both things form an indivisible whole. If you are capable of crushing in the gym but then you are not strict when it comes to feeding you, your workouts will be of little use to you.

I expected that my diet slips would be compensated in the gym, but that never worked. On the contrary it is possible that it will happen and you will be able to fix your lack of rigor with the irons by means of a perfect feeding. But obviously, the ideal is to be rigorous in both factors.

Avoid Certain Unnatural Exercises

Whatever they say, the bars and dumbbells are still the most natural ways to exercise with additional loads, since they allow the body to adopt the most advantageous positions and angles for the joints in all the paths.

I have been able to verify over many years, and with many people, that there are certain types of exercises that are not natural for most, such as: the press behind the neck, the bench press around the neck, the press with a curved bar, dead weights with stiff legs and fully stretched from a block, dorsal neck after neck, Hack squats, Smith machine squats or dominated with super wide grip.

For most people these exercises are harmful to their joints because they are forced to work in an unnatural plane. If you use hgh, you can also try genotropin 36 iu.

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