Buying the right refrigerator for your restaurant

A commercial refrigerator is one of the basic requirements of a restaurant. It not only helps in increasing the efficiency of your work but also improves the quality of the food that you will be serving to the customers.

You also need to have a quick and easy access to repairs in case if something goes wrong with your refrigerator. The fridge installation Ipswich provides their well-equipped services to mend the issues in your unit with great care.

A quality, proven refrigerator will help you protect your customers from food poisoning and other food borne diseases.

You invest quite a considerable amount in purchasing a commercial refrigerator. Therefore, it becomes vital for you to follow a set of instructions to make sure things fall in the right place.

Going through these points will help you buy the right refrigerator for yourself.  

  1. Researching about the things

Researching a little about the right kind of brands and other properties will help you in making better purchases of the product. One of the great options to start with involves reading about the reviews of the products online. These give you some of the ideas what are the views of other restaurants about specific brands and models.  

You also need to look into your budget. If you’re a beginner, you may not go for the best model. To a good fortune, there are certain brands and units available in the market that won’t drain away from your entire savings.

2. A perfect fit to the Functionality of your Operation

You need to have a commercial refrigerator that matches up with the requirements of your restaurant. This point will help you in streamlining your day-to-day functionality.

The role of the menu is to be taken into notice here. If you want easy access to frozen food items, then you will have to go for a freezer and refrigerator combo.

You can do this by making a detailed list of the food that you will need regularly.

You also need to go through the size of your staff and what number of people will operate the refrigerator. Lastly, you will need your new refrigerator cause bottlenecks and slow down the operation.

3. Checking for the correct size

Size is another attribute that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a commercial refrigerator. After having checked the functionality, in the next step, you need to go through are the size considerations.

Never make a mistake of neglecting the storage space that you’ll need.

The rule says that you need to try out something that would exceed your storage needs. This will put a halt on the storage issues in the future.

It’s also important to consider the shelves and drawers in the new refrigerator. Look for something that would benefit your staff in organizing various food items without creating a mess. Also, make sure the unit is spacious enough to avoid cross-contamination of food odors.

4. Analyzing your kitchen Space

Before going for a new unit, always make sure you calculate your kitchen space to avoid any problem thereafter. Don’t forget to check for the doors, as your staff will open them in every shift.

Another thing you need to consider is creating space for the new unit in your kitchen. Where can the staff easily access the refrigerator and what type of cooking will happen around the area etc. has to seen beforehand.

It’s always better to discuss with your kitchen staff and plan the things accordingly as per their convenience. If the current layout limits the allocation of the new unit, the need to change the floor plan may be required.  Consult a professional service like commercial fridge installation Ipswich to suggest you the right fridge as per the space available.

The refrigerator that you are planning to buy should support the natural environment of your kitchen without disrupting the workflow of the staff. So prepare better before you make a purchase.

5. Checking for the Condenser

When you plan to buy a commercial refrigerator, you need to check for the condenser. A condenser is an essential component of any refrigerator or freezer because it is responsible for regulating its temperature.

You can opt for a top or bottom mounted refrigerator. Both types have their own advantages and limitations. You need to analyze them and make a choice of your own.

Top-mounted condensers avoid clogging better in comparison to bottom-mounted units. They don’t’ blow warm air into the refrigerator when opened. Also, they offer easy access to food because the doors easily reach to the ground.

Bottom-mounted units do well in situations where cleaning and maintenance are highly prioritized. These units are often seen in kitchens or bakeries where grilling does not takes place.  

Final words

To get your kitchen equipped with a quality proven commercial refrigerator is like adding a cherry on the top of a cake. It matters due to the fact you need to have the best and improved quality of food to serve your customers.

You need to go through various varieties of refrigerators and choose the best fridge for your restaurant. If in case your fridge creates some trouble you need to have solutions to tackle with it. Fridge repairs Ipswich provides latest services to tackle such issues.

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