How Does Your Scar Form?

Scars are normal and happen to everyone. A burn injury, a cut or surgery or even acne and pimples or certain diseases left a scar on your body and face. Visible scars often make one uncomfortable. If the scar is an inconspicuous place, usually you do not think a lot about it. But, if the scar is visible and can be seen by other people then you feel a little bit of discomfort. Facial scars usually cause a dip in confidence and personality.

Human Skin has three layers- epidermis ( outer- most), dermis and hypodermis (Inner-most). If an injury or cut goes deep into the dermis layer of the skin. A scar appears with the healing process. Usually scarring process had three steps- Inflammation, tissue formation, and remodeling. As soon as the cut appears on the skin human body sends fibroblast cells to the wounded area. These cells produce a fibrous protein called collagen. Collagen is present inside the skin layers and makes your skin firm and smooth. Due to the speed of the process collagens does not become organized and assembles in a disorganized manner. This makes the new skin appeared in the wounded area irregular. Hence the scar comes into existence.

Usually, scars become lighter with time. But, Keloid scars do not. This scar happens when your body overheats the injury. Keloid scars spread and cover the surrounding area of the wounded region. Contracture scars happen due to burn injuries. The skin tightens after contracture scars happen and can cause pain or discomfort during any movement. Hypertrophic scars are raised and have a similar appearance like keloids but they appear only in the wounded area. Acne scars appear like deep cuts or spots. Acne scars can be treated with no scars facewash for acne scars.

Scars can not be removed completely. But they can be made unrecognizable with time. Scar removal treatments include plastic surgery, laser treatment, prescription drugs and medicines, steroid injections and OTC creams, gels or ointments. OTC treatments are widely used because these treatments are affordable and need a minimum or no medical attention. Silicon gels are also great for removing old scars.

Some OTC Scar removal treatments:

Vitamin E is a lipid-soluble vitamin that helps to lighten the scar. It stabilizes the lysosomal membrane and prevents scarring assembly of wounded tissues. There are many no scars night facewash that contains vitamin E.

Onion extract or allium cepa in anti-inflammatory in nature and inhibits fibroblasts. Hence, the scar becomes lighter.

Silicone gel is widely used to lighten the scars. It is also available in sheet form. Silicone gels or sheets are effective in case of older scars also. Silicone hydrates the wounds and lessens fibroblast production. It also reduces collagen and the scars become smaller.

Furfuryiadenine is a plant-based growth hormone. This hormone is generally used to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, brown spots, blotched skin, and scars. It retains the moisture of your skin and makes scar smaller in size. This is a good product.

Therefore, scars are a result of the speedy healing process of your body. Scars can be minimized a using different Over the top products.

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