Malik Riaz Hussain

How Malik Riaz Hussain and His Team are Bringing Disaster Manage Management to its Best for the Country?

It is been said that only within an adverse time, the real character of a person comes out in general. Malik Riaz, chairman Bahria Town, is a well known philanthropist who has always been at the front end at times whenever there is a natural disaster and calamity in the country. He has always organized emergency fleet services and relief teams with his firm Bahria Town in order to offer immediate help to those who are in dire need of help. Additionally, the Corporate Social Responsibility Division of Bahria Town is rightly set up to take care of all the related projects and initiatives which are directly aimed in taking care of the common interest of all the people.

Be it Floods, earthquakes, fire or any other shocking circumstances, rescue teams lead by Malik Riaz Hussain are always first to reach to the spots to further provide all the medical, financial and food support. Within the past few years, relief work by Bahria Town has become an epitome of trust and consistent care for all the underprivileged people irrespective of their faith, culture or religion. All of these teams have been assigned special tasks at the sites of accidents because of their latest equipment and trustworthy commitment. In return of all these expert services, all of these teams have been duly awarded and recognized by all of the government authorities.

We can certainly look up to examples from the incident in 2005, floods in 2010 & 2014, draught in Thar, collapse of Margalla Tower, fire at Marriot Hotel, Ghakkar Plaza, fire at the Christian community and many more and Malik Riaz Hussain and his team have always been the first one to report in the same matter with all the required amount of support and assistance. He never ever stays hesitant in spending millions for the welfare and the wellbeing of the underprivileged people around. There have been Mobile medical units, rashan bags, free meals, clothing, tents and clean water which have been made available to all of the needy people whenever and wherever required.

Earthquake of 2005 can be quoted as the worst calamity in the region and it brought about a death toll of more than 73,000 whilst leaving 3,000,000 people left homeless. Still the Bahria Town was immediately released with all the relief work and food items. Rescue efforts were being carried out on a heavy note and that included earth moving and logistical equipment. More than 200 units of machines were been brought into picture to construct eight big relief camps with a budget of over 100 million. More than 36,000 were been provided with proper shelter and other necessities of life within the camp. Even the administration and management found it quite a challenging task but the camps still ran for more than three months at one go. Caravans of big trucks with all the relief goods worth 30 million have been dispatched to Rawalakot, Balakot, Muzzafarabad and Bagh.

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