How to Improve Your Style When You Are On a Budget

Style is not always about clothes. But before you disagree and respond with an angry “It is ALWAYS about CLOTHES, you, moron!”, note that there are several proven ways on how to style up without buying any new clothes or spending too much. 

Some famous answers we get from asking people why they can’t dress sharp would go like “I’ve got no money.” or “I can’t afford new clothes”. Until this kind of excuse has turned into myth. They say it’s all about money when it comes to style. But I say it’s all about you. Everyone has their own style and that’s what fashion should be all about. Maybe the way you stand in your own clothes or the dearth of confidence for wearing them is what keeps you out of style. So how do you improve your fashion statement when you are on a super tight budget? Simple answer: don’t shop. But here are tips that you should be doing instead. P.S. You might even thank me afterwards. 

Work on your posture. 

Improving your posture is a necessary (and 100% free) step to improving your personal style. Yes, personal style counts. Psychologically speaking, both men and women have a better attitude about themselves if they try to assume and create a confident posture. More and more, proper posture creates a perfect fit between clothes and your body. Because when you stand tall, your clothes hang better on you and you start feeling better wearing them. So, if you think you’re not doing it right, start practising now by standing and sitting with your shoulders back, head up, and spine straight. Slouching or hunching your back would give you a red flag so avoid getting used to this position. 

Purge your closet. 

It’s time to walk on your closet to see if there are wardrobes you can still wear. You know people love to overstuff their drawers with so many clothes they never wear or didn’t even like to wear at all. Decluttering helps you better find the right mix and match of clothes for you. Imagine if superheroes would have to go through their closets with over a thousand costumes to choose from before they get to save the world. Hassle, isn’t it? So, start decluttering from the shrunken ones which you obviously can longer wear. Tough luck if your long-lost favourite shirt suddenly shows up after the purge. Next separate tops from bottoms as well as formal wears from casual streetwear clothing. Now, sort each category into three piles:

  • For Giveaways
  • For Tailoring
  • For Keeps

Be resourceful. 

If you find loose or ill-fitting shirts or pants, you better praise heavens for giving you a tailor friend who’s one call away. But if you don’t have one, you can ask for recommendations from your friends or relatives that you think are particularly well-dressed. And then proceed to alterations once you’ve found the best tailor in town. Make sure his measurements will give you an exact fitting, not too tight and not too loose. Additional tip: check out your parents’ or grappas’ closets and try hauling their clothes. You might use those that they no longer wear, given that vintage outfits are so trendy these days. And then let the alterations do the work for you. 

Practice a clothing care routine. 

Some clothes will drastically age with just a single wash. So, make sure that you wash your clothes after every 2-3 years. Washing them very often can easily wear them out. Just wash them enough to make them look clean. Wearing tidy and unwrinkled clothes can help boost your confidence in wearing them. When it comes to drying, go for air dry instead of tumble dry from a washing machine for it may cause wrinkling and fading. 

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