Money Mess

I Never Thought Escape from Money Mess after Job Loss Could Be So Easy

Hi, I am Rory Thor Hastings, I am an account. In fact, I should say I have become an accountant AGAIN after spending 6 long months of unemployment. When I lost my job, it was not easy for me to come out from the depression of losing my job. I didn’t lose it due to my incompetency but the company made me redundant. The money that the company was giving me as compensation was supposed to come after 2 months. Thanks God, I am not married, as you can imagine how severe things can turn for a family man.  You are rarely prepared for such kind of situations. Whatever, it was the reality in front of me, few months back.

Except commute expenses, which stopped after unemployment, all other expenses were happening similarly as previous days when I was employed. Grocery, electricity bills, rent etc. However, I had to visit to places for interviews but not on much regular basis. It was not easy to tackle all the expenses with no more regular income.

Savings exhausted, obligations were monstrous – I need money NOW

By the end of the first week after job loss, my savings, which were already not so big, came to an end. I got some financial help from friends and family but that too was not for a long time. In desperation to get funds I started exploring every single hope. I was ready to take a loan but no bank provides funds to the unemployed. This was a known fact but I was getting so worried that I was not able to pay heed to any rational thing. I just wanted money.

It took me three days to get money from my relative to pay some urgent expenses

Things were getting worse and I was really not able to get tackle it well. Being a person of reserved nature, I am not much in conversation with my family and relatives. However, the sudden situation made me talk to them after a long time, which I feel, sounds very self-centred on my side. But I had to do it compromising everything on the aspect of my self-respect to get some money. Due to hesitation, I spent two days thinking on how to ask for help. It was so embarrassingL.

FINALLY, internet showed me a ray of hope as unemployed loans 🙂

Just one night before the completion of my internet package, I came across an unfamiliar term ‘online loans for Unemployed’. I was astonished and asked myself, is this real? I clicked on the link and explored the truth behind it. It was a loan site of a lender named ‘The Easy Loans’ which claimed to be a direct lender that deals in short-term loans. I applied for the loan through a very small and simple procedure.

It completed in just three steps:

1. Apply

2 Get approval decision

3 Receive funds.

However, things were not like a fairy tale and in fact very logical which I liked a lot. As a condition to qualify for loan, I provided the income proof from last company and also mentioned the reason of unemployment. Also, I mentioned that I am taking unemployment benefits. All procedures were online and quite speedy. Considering all these factors, I got approved for the loans for unemployed. At 2 o clock next day I got the loan amount in my bank account.

I am so much thankful to ‘The Easy Loans’ for providing me funds and become my saviour. Now after I have a new job, I am paying the instalments on time. The loan I took was customised according to my repayment capacity and thus paying it back is not an issue for me. In fact, I am planning to pay it off completely as the lender does not have any prepayment penalty. So borrower-friendly!!

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