Ideal destinations for a sun and beach trip in winter

With the arrival of the cold in the West, the possibility of sun and beach trips in winter seems one of the most recommended options.

Cape Verde

Two hours south of the Canary Islands lies a dream archipelago formed by 10 major islands and various islets where Portuguese influences and the Creole charm of its African inhabitants hatch. From the crystalline beaches of the island of Sal to the volcanoes of Santo Antao , through the sighting of turtles in Boa Vista, Cape Verde becomes one of those ideal destinations to which to make several sun and beach trips in winter .


Countries present or located in the Caribbean enjoy excellent temperatures throughout the year, with Colombia being one of the best candidates. Ideal for any sun and beach trip in winter, the “country of sabrosura” encompasses a mosaic of experiences that range from the Medellin festival to the colonial charm of the mythical Cartagena de Indias or the idyllic beaches of the famous Tayrona Park, in Santa Marta. Do not resist the charm of a country where, in addition to countless heritages, you can also boast a warm and friendly people.


If you are more of islands, the most famous in the Caribbean makes it easy for you. Havana, with its famous boardwalk or cars from another time, becomes the best threshold of an adventure in which to link the beaches of Varadero or cays such as Santa Maria with Vinales, the land of the cigars, the colors of Trinidad or the charm of the genuine Santiago de Cuba. Experiences to live among mojitos, little Internet and a good dose of optimism.


With more than 7600 islands it is not surprising that the archipelago is one of the best destinations for sun and beach trips in winter. Come and discover the charms of El Nido, one of the most famous beach areas, get wet in Boracay or explore the mysteries of the Negros region. Paradise exists.


Considered as one of the most emerging countries of the moment at the tourism level thanks to a dictatorship that begins to open little by little to the world, ancient Burma is a Mecca of pagodas and oriental charm that make up heritage such as the Imperial City of Began or the fascinating Yangún. However, few know that this country hides one of the best beaches in the world: Ngapali, a cove with turquoise waters and luxury resorts that few still know.


The months of January and February are great to enjoy a different tourism in the country of yoga, curry and Bollywood. While in North India (and claims such as New Delhi or the iconic Taj Mahal of the city of Agra) have lower temperatures, the tropical areas of India such as the hippie Goa or Kerala, state furrowed by kilometers of beaches, canals and coconut trees , evoke the mystical fantasy of that trip that changes everything forever. And if you want beach you can always jump to the Maldives.

Which of these sun and beach trips in winter do you stay with?

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