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Online Tools to Make Your First $1,000 as a Creator

You might have come across articles where people gave their testimony about how they made money online or how they make a living just by working full-time online. It is completely possible to make your first dollars online depending on which path you take.

Some people have a specialized set of skills which allow them to be a web developer, web designer, user experience designer, data analyst, and digital marketer. But what if you do not have particular skills to apply for these jobs? Well, you can still earn money online as a creator.

There are two kinds of creators: an online content creator and a product creator. A content creator can write blog posts, articles, create vlogs or videos, or launch a digital product such as an ebook or online course for web users to consume. A product creator creates physical products such as arts and crafts, wood work, or anything handmade with the purpose of them being sold online.

With the right tools and platforms, you can earn an income through the web. Here are the exact tools I used which helped me earn my first $1,000 as a creator which you can also use yourself:

Basic Tool

Before selling your product online, creating that course or ebook, or making your content, you should first have a website. A website is an essential for promoting your content and it establishes your professionalism and credibility. It serves as the main platform for all content you intend you intend to put out in the future.

Website Builder – hPage

For website creation, I used the website builder where you can create a website. What’s great about a website builder such as hPage is that you do not need to learn any coding knowledge nor be a tech expert to build your website.

It is very easy to use and it comes with a website hosting so you do not need to purchase from other hosting services anymore. You can also purchase a custom domain (.com) there. They also have different kinds of plugins which they call ‘addons’ that you can install on your website later on.

One of my favorite addons is the newsletter plugin wherein I can easily send out newsletters to my email subscribers right from my hPage dashboard.

Their customer service is also top-notch. Whenever I need help with website creation, have any inquiries, or support request, they are able to respond quickly and resolve any problems. 

Check them out: free website builder.

Customer Generation

Now that you have established your website and you now have a platform where you can put all of your content, you will need to find a way for users and potential clients to find the content you created.


I don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop and I am not a graphic designer. So, the next best thing I used when it comes to creating graphic design is through a graphic design tool called Canva. It’s great for people who do not know any graphics design basics since they have premade templates and tools which are readily available to use and put together.

Canva is useful for creating banners and design for your Pinterest strategy. Through the graphic designs I posted on Pinterest which lead to my website, I was able to grow my email list to more than 1,000 subscribers.

I used Canva graphic design templates to create banners and images for my website. That way, my site can look more professional and have a brand template.


If you plan on doing online courses, Teachable is a great platform to get started. Online courses can be profitable and with Teachable, you can create online courses and grow your email list. They have a free plan which you can use if you want to put up a free online course.

Pro tip: Create an online course related to the digital product your plan to release.

Selling Your Content

Once you have grown your email list and follower list, it is not time to market the content to your audience to get sales. Aside from your website, here is a very efficient platform where you can sell your content:


SendOwl is a platform where you can sell digital products. You can sell it to users directly and get paid directly as well.

Everything is tracked, optimized, and data analyzed, so just sit back and manage your sales easily with this all-in-one platform.

Check them out: SendOwl Ecommerce.

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