Powder Brows – The Latest Technology For Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows

You want full and natural looking eyebrows? Are you tired of eyebrow tracing and makeup? We have the right solution for you. With Powder Brows also called Ombré Brows or Vegas Brows, you do not have to constantly trace your eyebrows.

With the latest technology for permanent make-up eyebrows we conjure up seductive eye brows. Powder Brows is already very popular worldwide and many women and men enjoy natural and beautiful eyebrows. It is considered a further development of microblading – we’ll show you why that’s the case.

Microblading vs. Powder Brows

Both methods are Permanent Make Up (PMU). Microblading uses a small blade (microblade). With the knife, small cuts are carved into the skin so that the color pigments can be incorporated into the lower layers of the skin. Many women also shy away from microblading due to pain intensity. In addition, microblading is not suitable for all skin types and age groups.

<a href=”https://www.powderbrows.at/”rel=”nofollow”>Powder Brows</a> uses a pigmentation machine that only brings the color pigments into the first layer of the skin and ensures a natural effect. This is similar to eyebrows, which were tightened with eyebrow powder.

The application is much gentler to the skin and can also be done usually without anesthetic ointments. Of course, each person has a different sensation of pain and it can also be worked with anesthetic.

In contrast to microblading, Vegas Brows treatment usually mixes two different shades to create a natural, natural color gradient. Immediately after the treatment the color is still strong. After about 2 weeks, the color fades and you can intensify the color pigments again with a post-treatment.

Powder Brows Salzburg

The Procedure

  • The method is not painful as the expert applies topical anesthesia.
  • You will feel a slight pinch and initially stay behind with darker brows.
  • Expect, however, that they will fade in 6 weeks and you will find the ideal solution.
  • You should not wash your brows for 2-3 days and then you can use a mild cleanser.
  • Always let it dry completely and do not apply cream on it.
  • You can return to your normal daily skin care and facial routine in 7 days.
  • Do not touch the eyebrows and do not go to long showers or visits to pools and saunas for the first 7 days.
  • Use an ointment after showering to protect your brows from moisture.
  • Do not touch your face with dirty hands and do not expose yourself to strong winds.


Powder eyebrows are a very good solution not only for women but also for the men who wants to look beautiful with natural eyebrows. The treatment lasts about 2 hours. In a preliminary talk, every customer is explained in detail. During the type-specific consultation, the wishes are analyzed and a bespoke eyebrow look is pre-drawn. Only when the customer is convinced of the preliminary drawing, the actual pigmentation of the eyebrows takes place. The durability of the Powder Brows is about 1.5 to 2 years. This depends on several factors, such as the lifestyle, UV rays, skin, etc. After this time, we recommend refreshing the eyebrows. So the pigmentation stays nice to see and the brows keep the perfect “powder look”. Finally, there is a permanent make-up method that makes the eyebrows look natural and not artificial. Finish with drawing and painting

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