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Tips for the long-distance house move

The main difficulty when moving away from home is that you cannot easily go to the future home to prepare everything. Find the advice given below to facilitate this important step of your life.

The peculiarity of long-distance removals

It is considered that a move is “long-distance” beyond 200 km distance between the current housing and future housing. Indeed, utility companies generally include 200 km in their mileage packages. In addition, the average move is between 150 km and 200 km.

From 200 km distance, new constraints appear. The main constraint is the difficulty of going back and forth between the two dwellings to carry out small jobs or to carry out administrative procedures on site. It is therefore important to rationalize travel and organize well in order to make the most of each trip.

Tips and checklist moving a long-distance move

The idea when moving remotely is to have the time to prepare everything and go back and forth between the two homes. For this, consider that 3 months is a good time to have time to do everything. Here is a generic checklist to help you think of everything:

House Removal checklist

Notify the owner by registered letter,

  • Sort the cases to take only the essentials,
  • Contact movers and compare quotes,
  • Start preparing the new housing (small jobs),
  • Inform the school of the children,
  • Learn about moving aids.
  • Make an appointment for the inventory of the current housing,
  • Anticipate meals according to the contents of the freezer,
  • Confirm the quote of the mover,
  • Ask a day off or two if possible,
  • Prepare your change of address,
  • Start the moving boxes.
  • Reserve the parking spaces for the truck (on departure and on arrival),
  • Notify neighbors of the move date,
  • Make an appointment with the technician for electricity and gas for future housing,
  • Unhook everything that is hanging on the walls.

Delegate your steps to save time

When moving away, it is best to hire a professional. From now on, Internet solutions save you time in your efforts. Overview of great deals to save time to move remotely:

Consult a mover

By going through House Removals Chelsea, you will have less time for furniture to manage the administration. Movers who offer turnkey moving solutions will take care of certain steps, which will save you time:

You will not have to spend time on the technical visit: House Removals Bromley can provide you with a firm quote and the furniture lists that you fill out yourself.

The mover takes care of the organization of your move: most of the movers now propose to carry out, for you, requests for parking permits. In addition, they deliver your cards to you at home (or to any address you indicate) in a very short time (24 to 48 hours).

Make your change of address

you will make your change of address without having to move. This includes all public administrations as well as some services such as electricity.

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