benefits of hemp seed oil

What is hemp seed oil and why it is so important today?

cannabis (marijuana) and Hemp Oil has the same species but they are of a different variety.

Hemp oil is obtained by pressing hemp seeds. Cannabis (marijuana) and Hemp oil has the same species but they are of different variety. Let me clear the biggest misconception regarding Hemp oil which is, “Hemp oil makes you high! “. Well, that’s not the case. Hemp seed oil has very few traces of THC  or tetrahydrocannabinol which is responsible for mood swings, consciousness and change in behaviour. 

This oil is extracted from the seeds of the Hemp plant. Hemp plant highly contains essential fatty acids which is between 30-35% oil by weight. Hemp plant can also be pressed to extract oil. Unrefined cold pressed Hemp oil is generally light green, with a nutty, grassy flavor.

Hempseed is also a rich source of easily digestible protein (ca. 20-25%) and highly unsaturated food oil (ca. 30-35%). The rest consists of dietary fiber, mostly from the hull, and  various phytosterols, oil-soluble vitamins, and trace minerals. 

There are a number of benefits of Hemp seed oil. It is exceptionally rich in healthy fats, protein and various minerals. The oil is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and other essential fatty acids (like GLA which is  an omega-6 fatty acid that has impacts ranging from inflammation and vascular tone to initiation of contractions during childbirth.), all of which are known to combat diseases like inflammatory arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Benefits of Hemp oil :

  • GLA present in Hemp seed oil fights inflammation and boosts immunity.
  •  Certain bioactive compounds found in hemp seed oil can lower blood cholesterol levels and protects the heart.
  • Hemp oil seeds are rich in Fatty acids which can work as a good supplemental treatment for  Aids and Diabetes.
  • Given its perfect fatty-acid profile of GLA and omega-3s, hemp seed can fight inflammation and cancer too
  • It improves brain health as Hemp oil contains cannabinoids, chemicals that bind to specialized receptors in the brain.
  • It’s also a great option for all pregnant mothers. And yes, again, a major part of the credit goes to the omega-3 fatty acids.
  • They relieve constipation and bloating and ease bowel movements.
  • It helps you get healthier skin. It acts as a moisturizer and prevents your skin from becoming dry during the winters. 

How to Use It:

Hemp oil is cost-efficient- especially when you think of all the products it replaces: acne treatments, makeup- to cover problem areas, moisturizers, and makeup removers. Following are a few ways that Hemp oil could be used:

Acne reduction. Fire burns fire, likewise oil can prevent causing acne which is usually caused by oil. Gently Massage hemp oil on the affected area. Hemp oil will draw out sebum plugs which are the main cause of blackheads, Whiteheads, and even cysts. Practice this daily during breakouts.

Smooth skin. Applying oil directly onto dry or cracked skin can soften the skin. You can apply the oil onto your hands and feet then wear socks or gloves overnight for a deep conditioning treatment. It’ll work overnight like magic!

Strong nails and heal cuticles. Massage a sufficient amount of hemp oil directly into your nails and cuticles. It  can do wonders in treating both fingernails and toenails

Healthy hair. Massage a tablespoon of hemp oil into your scalp. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, shampoo as you usually do. You’ll discover that you don’t need those expensive hair conditioners anymore.

Good for overall health. You can Eat oil seeds straight and can enjoy its nutty flavour or you can put it in salad dressings. It can also replace butter on toast, potatoes, rice, vegetables… Believe me, it’s delicious!

[info] Due to its extremely low smoke point, hemp oil cannot be used for high heat cooking. Also, it will totally break down even at moderate heat at which point all nutritional benefits are lost.

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