Why is a Tour and Travel Agent Important and of Benefit to the Present Society

Who is a tour and travel agent?

A tour and travel agent is a person working in a faculty of hospitality and tourism management. This is a two-way role, one works as both a travel agent and also a tour agent.

A travel agent is a person whose duty is to plan and arrange travels for end clients. Clients can be individuals, a group of people or even corporations/boards. A travel agent role is to make simpler travel planning for their clients. They work on behalf of suppliers, agencies, companies among many other firms.

On the other side, a tour agent is a person in the field who implements the travel plan. A tour guide takes the clients throughout the whole travel of the journey, guiding them all through as planned. 

An agent client to plan, choose and arrange for travel. They offer advice and opinions to clients on where to go. They also offer a mode of transport and go along with the clients, guiding them through the whole journey to their desired destination.

Roles of a tour and travel agent

An agent plays important roles in the field of tourism and also as other travel agencies, below are their roles;

  • Handle customers’ query and complaints

They offer assistance to clients with questions that need clarification, handling complaints from clients who have burning issues concerning their services, giving the clients a right guide or explanation concerning their issues.

  • Managing budgets

These agents also are responsible for keeping records on income, expenses and daily expenditures of the business. They identify the income each client served, the expense used during a trip or treat for the clients and manage budgets considering both the welfare of the business and that of clients.

  • Planning

They offer help to clients in service. They assist them on planning where to go, they give clients a variety of places that are good and help them choose on a good place to tour. They also arrange every requirement that clients might need during the tour.

  • Selling holidays and insurance

They create mass attention in their business online platform and also through sending their recruits in the field to help advertise on holidays offers and promotions that the business will be offering.

They accredit travel insurances to client. This will use to cater for his/her payment given he/she pays an agreed amount in a given period of time.

  • Offer guidance to clients on a tour

They provide any relevant assistance to clients on service, they give relevant information to clients during the tour. They ensure the clients have enjoyed and visited all the necessary destination and hang out as planned.

Benefits of being a tour and travel agent

Being a tour and travel agent not only exposes one to new places and new people but also has benefits to the agents. These benefits are of importance since it also inspires others to start a career in the same field. Below are the benefits are given;

  • Significance

The agents are of significance, they help out people in planning and conducting of their trip. This is of benefit since they are given an authority to guide and provide needs for the clients during their travel.

  • Features and promotional offers

Agents are first handily able to access good vacation deals, discounts on airfare travel on assignment among many other first-hand deals.

  • Potential

Agents have the potential to have a very successful career, this is because they are given commission rates depending on the number of clients they serve. Potential agents earn more salary due to additional commission on their salaries. High salary earned gives the agent a potential to start their own businesses.

  • Misconception

The misconception that being an agent is easy and the job pays little is an advantage to those in the field. Reason being many shun away from that field making the few people in the field have large client base hence earning more as compared to many others workers from different fields.

CONCLUSION Tour and travel agents are of great importance to the present 21st century. Its advised that many people take a start in the career of travel and tourism since its full of benefits, besides that it’s also informative and educative. 

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