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World Top 8 Most Secure Email Providers in 2019

Online security is a growing concern these days. If you are lucky, cybercriminals have not yet targeted you. But many are not so. The situation is so severe that things like Frontier bundle packages sometimes include security software as well. Unlike the movies would have us believe, cybercriminals are not vigilantes. They do not attack the bad guy’s bank accounts.

One way to secure yourself from malicious attacks is by increasing your email security. Emails are important for most, if not all, of us. They contain personal as well as professional information that we can’t afford to lose. Did you hear about the recent attack discovered on the Microsoft Outlook servers? The attackers were able to access the email contents of people for months.

To ensure that doesn’t happen again, more people are shifting to more secure email providers. This is not to say that Microsoft Outlook isn’t secure as well. But the fact that the breach went undetected for months has many people alarmed.

8 Most Secure Email Providers You Can Use in 2019

Emails are one of the most common ways for viruses and other malicious software to enter our systems. We often receive emails from people we don’t know. Some of them are simply scams and are filtered out into our trash or spam folders. But every once in a while you will notice emails with attachments. The emails may seem legit but the attachments contain nasty bugs. Those can severely compromise the security of the system in a matter of seconds. Using a secure provider can reduce the risk of such an email getting through.

The aim of this blog is to offer some alternative email providers that focus on their security protocols:

  1. CounterMail
  2. LuxSci
  3. Posteo
  4. SCRYPTMail
  5. Zoho Mail
  6. HushMail
  7. FastMail
  8. Tutanota

#1. CounterMail

CounterMail is a premium email provider with a unique solution to today’s security issues. The Swedish company uses a CD ROM – based system for data storage. This reduces the risk of cyber attackers gaining access to emails and data. In addition to their storage solution, CounterMail also follows a rarely practiced policy of full disclosure.

The security-first email service is not free. On the contrary, the subscription charges are higher than the industry average. Additionally, standard packages allow for little storage space. If you require storage of more than 2GB, you will have to expand by paying an added fee.

#2. LuxSci

LuxSci is another well-respected email provider that you can choose. The American company primarily caters to organizations with a suite of secure communication tools. The tools include, amongst other things, a secure email service.

Though packages are best suited to the needs of organizations, individuals are also welcomed. Like CounterMail, storage capacity varies from 1-50GB.

#3. Posteo

Posteo seems to be a popular pick for those looking for secure email providers. The German company offers an open-source platform with 2-factor authentication as well as strong encryptions. Additionally, the company doesn’t believe in client surveillance or data collection practices. Storage capacity starts with 2GB and can go up to 20GB.

#4. SCRYPTMail

SCRYPTMail is an American company that offers a refreshing change of pace in the industry. To start with, the company offers most of its services free for users. The company strongly believes in the right to privacy offers one of the most secure services in the industry. With generous storage limits, you are really strained for reasons not to opt for their services.

#5. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail focuses on providing businesses with encrypted communication tools. The email platform works best with the company’s office suite, Zoho Workplace. Standard packages start with 30GB storage space and you can opt for up to 100GB.

#6. HushMail

HushMail is Canada’s popular secure email provider. Not only does it encrypt outgoing mail from your computers, but it also has an iPhone app. The company takes pride in their security protocols, even on the app. They offer free packages as well as premium, making it accessible to more individuals.

#7. FastMail

FastMail has been providing secure email services for a while now. They are trusted in the industry and offer one of the best spam filters. Storage packages start from 2GB and go up to 100GB, making it a great fit for individuals.

#8. Tutanota

Tutanota is one of Germany’s most popular secure email provider. The company takes email security seriously and offers impressive encryptions for clients. Storage packages start from 1GB and go up to 10GB.


Regular people are the prime targets for cybercriminals. There is a simple reason for that. Most high-profile individuals are in the habit of taking their online security seriously. Most of us regular folk are not so inclined. We lack in our online security because we think that we don’t have anything of value to cybercriminals. And so feel that they are less likely to attack us. This is where we make the biggest mistake.

If we were to fall victim to a cybercrime, Frontier FiOS prices wouldn’t compare to the ransom demands we would have to pay. You see, cybercriminals don’t attack our system because they want something of value from it. They attack our systems because they can. Once in our systems, they will look around our documents and pictures. If they don’t find anything of immediate value, all they have to do is block our access to the data. Our data might not be valuable to them, but it is of great value to us. By holding your data for ransom, cybercriminals can make you their next target.

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