5 Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is also known as a shoppers’ paradise. Besides shopping, there are a plethora of things you can do while on your trip to this great city. For instance, visitors are enjoying the city views from high altitude, taste local food, take part in festivals, watch different sport competitions and explore the movie set within the city.
Hong Kong introduced a visa-free policy which made it easy for travelers from different parts of the world to tour Hong Kong. It also has convenient transport which makes your trip easy, fun, joyful and meaningful. Hong Kong massage is also one of the services visitors tend to enjoy on their trip to Hong Kong.

The article will help to find out why should visit Hong Kong at some point in your life.

1. The Food 

There is plenty of delicious food in Hong Kong. There are all types of cuisines in this great city as a result of its international nature. You can choose either local or exotic based on the price. Most visitors prefer to take local foods like eggs waffle along with bubble tea or they can opt to their version. There are all sorts of restaurants in Hong Kong ranging from local restaurants where plenty of local foods are sold. This is one of the reasons most people aspire to visit this stunning city at least once in their lifetime.

2. Hidden Beaches

Having beaches in any coastal city is the expectation of every person. Hong Kong has a variety of beaches and not all of them are beautiful because it is situated at the end of the delta where rubbish get washed down. Hong Kong has stunning hidden beaches which are situated far away from the city. Getting to these beaches takes more time especially those in the northeastern New Territories part of Sai Kung. There are plenty of things you can enjoy in Hong Kong but you will have to sacrifice your time and effort in order to get to some of the destinations.

3. Local Markets

Entire Hong Kong is not composed of tall buildings. Hawking is common in some parts of this great city. For instance, you will find hawkers selling lots of knick-knacks and many more other items. The most well-known markets are found in Mong Kok. There are plenty of markets in this town like the birds’ market, the flower market and many more. Visitors tend to enjoy these tourist spots because they are excited by the nature of the market and the items being sold.

4. Temples

Temples are a fundamental part of the Chinese culture and they are numerous in Hong Kong. No matter you’re religious or not there are a variety of things you can learn and admire from temples. For instance, the Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan was devoted to the god of Martial Arts and god of Literature. There were other museums present in this area but this museum served as a law court during the colonial period. There are plenty of museums you can explore on your trip to Hong Kong and try to find out what was their significance and the year they were built on among other things.

5. Efficient Transport

Hong has one of the most efficient transports in the world. Due to its good reputation, Hong attracts lots of visitors from different parts of the world every year. Buses are the main forms of transport in different Hong Kong spots. 

The discussed above are some of the reasons why you should visit Hong Kong at least once in your lifetime. 

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