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7 Signs That Tells You the Condo You Choose Isn’t Worth Buying

When you buy a condo, you’re not only spending on the unit but you’re investing in your living. It can be a permanent residency or a temporary residency for a short period. So, it’s important to think thrice before buying a condo unit. 

There are different types of condos. Some are situated at an exquisite location; some are good for your pets and some are near your workplaces. The choice of the condo depends on your requirements but if by mistake you invest in a bad condo then your investment can be ruined.

A bird’s eye view is essential to spot a bad condo so you should pay close attention to the symptoms. If you don’t, you might be trapped with a condo that isn’t worth living.

But how can you figure out if your condo is bad and not worth buying?

Below, I’ll share small signs of a condo that depict condo’s condition so if you also find these spots in your condo, immediately drop it.

1. Customer Reviews

The digital world has given us the ability to judge and decide what’s best for us or not. Every condo owns an online presence. So, when you think of any condo, first filter the online reviews. What people are saying about it?

People who have already lived in that condo can better tell you about it. Search the condo review sites on Google and mention your condo in it, you’ll get to know its reviews. If the reviews are bad then it’s a sign that the condo isn’t good to buy.

2. Poor Security

Take a round of the building before you buy a condo and check its security. How security guards are working? Is their video surveillance? Are there any alternatives to getting into the unit if the doors and windows are locked?

You can also ask the neighborhood about security. If the burglary rates are higher in that building then it’s a sign of poor security. Either know the precautions before buying or look for another condo.

3. Noise Pollution

If you’re a peaceful person and love reading books then noise can become unbearable for you. The only drawback of having a condo is that the units are closely attached so the noise freely enters to other units.

Try to visit the condo in the evening and see if you can smell what people are cooking inside, listen to the dog barks, the cat voices and the elevator sound then it’s a sign that the condo is noisy. 

4. Amenities Under Construction

Some condo HOA commit you for the amenities in a few months, but the construction works keep continuing. If you buy a Toronto condo for sale because of the amenities it offers then you can suffer the consequences if you’ll not get the facilities.

A good way is to ask clearly about the amenities and put things on paper else you’ll regret later.

5. Party All Night

Visit your condo on the weekends and check if the residents are partying all night. If the condo has a great party-vibe and you’re the person who prefers a peaceful good night sleep then it’s not your cup of tea.

Parties are fine but if it happens overnight, then it can disturb your peace of mind. So a better solution is to investigate before you buy.

6. Small Parking Area

Some condos have a limited parking space which results in losing up spots for residents and the visiting guests. It can also be problematic for those who own more than one vehicle. 

Before you sign the official documents, take a look at the parking spot and see if there’s ample space for you or anyone who comes to visit you.

7. Outdated Buildings

If the location and beauty of the condo matters to you then you can’t finalize the deal on an outdated building. Visit your condo, check the floor, ceilings, paint and building structure so you can stay satisfied with your decision.

Research and your satisfaction are important to choose a good condo to live. When you buy a condo make sure you’re not making a mistake. These signs will prevent you from buying the wrong condo.   

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