Am I afraid of dentist because of my hereditary

Am I afraid of dentist because of my hereditary?

We all know how important is to visit the dental appointment every few months. But, there are some people who have a fear in their mind to visit the dentist for the treatment. Some studies have shown that this fear is linked with hereditary. To know about this more, read the given topic.

Many fear visiting the dentist and studies have shown that around 25% of people have this fear. But, also the consequences that come with this are real. People who avoid visiting the dentist face many oral health problems.

Many studies trace that this occurs because of childhood experiences which suggest that they might have some genetic cause. The study was done on people of 11 to 74 years of age and they had the fear of pain and dental visit. The research also suggested that this relation is genetically linked.

  • Why there is a factor of fear in dental treatment?

The factor fear makes people to not get the treatment. But this avoidance can lead to delay which can turn into complete avoidance to not getting treatment for many years. The fact is that the problem starts when you neglect to visit the doctor and it results in poor health.

Moreover, when you go to the dental clinic because of your avoidance the increased pain can make you feel more uncomfortable which starts building up the fear even more. But, the truth is that visiting the doctor for the treatment is very important.

  • What is the difference between fear of pain and dental fear?

Fear of pain is linked with avoiding the pain and things which can result in pain. On the other hand, dental fear is more specific which means the person is neglecting the importance of visiting the doctor for a dental appointment. Also, some people are not scared of pain but they fear a blood-injection injury or getting a negative evaluation.

  • What resulted in the investigation linked with genetic roots?

The fear is subjective, it might be possible that the reason for one person which triggers the fear is nothing for another. Having an emotional behavior is normal, but the avoidance behavior can create a lot of problems.

  • How dental fear gets triggered with learned behavior? Is it possible the child can also develop the fear if parents express discomfort while visiting the dental appointment?

Learned behavior can leave many effects on dental fear. What a person or how they see the other person when they are getting the treatment can influence the dental fear a lot. Therefore, it is important to have a strong behavior or have a learning component which can make things much easier.

  • How fear is linked with the genetic role?

It is not exactly known which genetic variation can trigger dental fear. Many studies have shown that dental fear is hereditary and future research is going on to know about this more. Before drawing any conclusion it becomes important to investigate everything in detail.

  • How dentists can improve treatment by understanding the genetic role linked with dental fear?

Still, it is very early to give proper recommendations for improving the treatment. But approaching the patient with the proper response and giving them proper guidance can make a lot of difference. This way take out their fear and they understand the importance of dental appointment.

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