Almost every company is going to invest in artificial intelligence for the purpose of using technology in their business and focusing on making business more prosper. These technologies will help the industries or companies to adopt the new and dynamic technology and make optimum use of the technology and digitally transform their companies by making it more profitable venture. With the help of data analytics and automated technology, companies can perform even better and efficient. This concept is used in almost all industries and sectors for working optimally. Most common is the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, which helps the manufacturing industry to perform well.

Many of the business equipment use artificial intelligence and most of the digital projects are also based on it. In order to apply and adopt this technology, the thorough and deep analysis is required that which sector is lagging behind and is most in need to adopt this technology. Not only a particular sector or industry need this concept but almost all the sectors require this concept to be adopted in their industries which will aim to increase their profitability soon. This is used for customer advice, digitalization, policy completion, automation and real time transactions etc.

Artificial intelligence means designing machines in such a way that they can think. This aims at providing ease to the human beings; it will simplify the tasks of human beings and providing them more comfortable living. With the advent of new dynamic technology, the use of computer technology has been increased in almost every industry. The level of manual work has been decreased with the adoption of computer technology. We people are highly dependent on this technology. This concept helps in putting intelligence in machines so that they can act like artificial intelligence.

This aims at creating the whole expert system a computer system and putting intelligence into the machines so that they can think, act and behave like human beings. It focuses on the advancements of the technology with the help of computer or digitalization process. It also includes learning, acting, behaving, logical reasoning and the problem solving capabilities.Due to the increase in tremendous amount of data processing and increasing investments in manufacturing sector, led to increase in adoption of artificial intelligence in it. Under manufacturing sector, it aims to handle or hold the big amount of data processing, its application in various activities like keeping a check on quality, inspection of the machinery, cyber security against cyber crimes etc.

Maintenance and inspection of the various machineries in this industry is the common application of this sector. It offers hardware, software and other services to this sector along with the machine processing and learning. It is not only applicable in manufacturing industry only, it has a wider scope in almost all the sectors like automobile, pharmaceuticals, food processing, banking and finance, retail business, electronics and energy & power etc. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MANUFACTURING SECTOR is gaining more importance due to its wide application in this sector. Although it is equally beneficial for all the sectors and industries, still it is the leading concept under this sector.

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