Best destiny 2 Melee Weapons to Kill enemies

If you’ve played the game Destiny 2, chances are the exotic weapons of this game make you excited. And why won’t they?

You get to enjoy a range of heavy-hitting, power-packed weapons that are ready to smack enemies for good.

In this article, we’re going to discuss best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons to kill enemies.

Make sure you don’t get distracted as this article will take you through a guide on which melee weapons you should have to make the game easier.

Let’s start.

1. Cleaver

The Cleaver is a handy melee weapon to wield. It is carried mostly by Knights and these swords are made from metal and bone. From the way it looks, it’s simple but doesn’t judge a book by its cover!

The Cleaver can prove to be useful under special circumstances where you have to rely on swords to do your tasks. Make sure you slice them in half with this before they even get to take a hit on you.

2. Hunter’s knife

Knives used to be regarded as redundant until people got to know about Hunter’s knife. This is a combat knife, serving multiple purposes and it utilized by Guardians of the Hunter class. This melee weapon is crafted with precision to make sure versatility is at your end and you can strike hard in close-combat.

Additionally, this knife doubles as a throwing knife in the Gunslinger subclass. However, you can only throw this at enemies if the melee timer is charged to the max, with the player able to just stab the knife if it isn’t.

3. Iron Battle Axe

Another melee weapon that packs a punch, this relic from the time of Iron Lords makes energy go through a series of capacitors from an outside source, generating a flaming effect when in use.

With this ability in motion, you can unleash deadly blasts at enemies to make them regret challenging you to a duel.

4. Sword

A class of heavy weapons introduced in The Taken King expansion, swords are close-quarter melee weapons.

With the ultimate “Guard” function you can sometimes deflect damage from enemy attacks targeted towards you and this may just be what you need to save that last bit of health. Although they are melee weapons, they consume high amounts of Heavy Ammo with every hit you can manage to strike.

They’re only obtainable after completing certain Quests and not random drops. But they’re important to keep beside you for their versatility and usefulness in clutch battles.

5. Quickfang

If you are a hunter, you’ll pick up this sword with ease. It comes with a light frame and allows you to walk quickly along with two quick strikes that deal considerable damage to enemies.

It comes with a dash attack and a jagged edge for increased damage. With the right perks, you can deal higher damages, quickly inflict damage upon enemies, be lightweight.

So make sure you’re supplied with the appropriate perks!

6. Crown Splitter

As the name suggests, this sword is not technically used to split crowns but is nothing short of a devastating sword that you can find in the game. If you are a Titan you can obtain this sword. It comes with the aggressive frame tempered edge. With this you can swing your sword to hit enemies brutally and launch them into the air, slamming their bodies with the sword with full power.

You can use the right perk to deal additional damage or gain higher ammo, however, at a cost of reduced damage or anything that suits your liking.

7. Unspoken Promise

A legendary sword that you can pick up easily. It comes with an adaptive frame and is extremely reliable to fire well rounds, an uppercut attack. The balanced guard has effective defense and offense, making it a deadly killer for you. Although the sword guard has low efficiency, it banks a high defense. So if you’re someone who relies on good defense to hit enemies repeatedly then you should think about this!

8. Complex Solution

With the tempered and the hungry edge, you can increase your sword damage for a short while and ammo, with enduring guard and a balancing guard with tireless blade producing powerful sword kills in no time just so you can strike them away, ultimately leading to their death.

Melee weapons are fun to use in Destiny 2 since they have insane amounts of advantages to them. Sometimes, a shotgun may just not work for you, right?

Did you enjoy the article? Did it help you understand melee weapons in detail?

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