Best Vacation Spots In Croatia.

Croatia is well-positioned in Balkans and over time it has become one of the best tourist destinations in Europe due to its rich history of War of Independence and the numerous natural features such as waterfalls and meandering rivers offering the best sites for photo taking. Here are some of the best places for your vacation in Croatia.

1. Krka National Park.

Krka National Park is centrally positioned in Central Dalmatia and protected are of remarkable natural features such as historic sites and wildlife. The city is well situated within the Sibenik –Knin County and along the Krka River.The national park is rich with numerous torrential waterfalls that make the place a perfect place for vacation and tours. The fast natural pools of blue-green water add the eye-catching scenery of the park.

2. Zagreb

The largest and the capital city of Croatia. It is one of the vibrant and well-located metropolia with a rich history and various modern attraction sites. Zagreb which is well located on the northwestern of Croatian has its origin since the 11th century when the first diocese was established by the King Ladislaus of Hungary. Today the city has the Upper and the Lower Town. The Upper town is the center for the tourist attraction due to various social amenities such as the great medieval churches and the cobblestone street which is positioned at the outskirts of the town.

3. Korcula

Marco Polo once a famous merchant traveler made the place popular as it was his birthplace. Korcula Island is approximately 30-mile and located along Croatia’s Adriatic Coastline. The island is surrounded by the beautiful green forest, olive groves, vineyards, sandy beaches, and amiable villages and the good news is that you can get a house for sale in these villages. The colorful market surrounds these villages and plenty of facilities for tourists and the natives.

4. Zadar

The well-maintained walkways ensure that the park is easy to reach in addition to the boat excursions that further ease the moving around the park. There are various trails leading to the main waterfalls, where your visitors can easily view and capture the photos of the waterfall. Swimming is a great venture especially in the natural pools resulting from plugging of the waterfall.

5. Rovinj.

The Rovinj town in Croatia has made Croatia proud due to fast wealth of attractive natural features such as gorgeous islands, the spectacular Plitvice lakes, and the Adriatic coastline. On the Northern coastline, you find the famous spot built by the Roman emperor Diocletian as the little palace some 1,700 years done the line. As you advance islands you find the Zagreb capital with it numerous neoclassical buildings.

6. Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik also nicknamed as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” has been the flag-bearer as the most prominent Mediterranean place for tourists to visit. The city is positioned at the southern tip of the Adriatic Sea where fishing is one of the most interesting hobbies for the tourists. The Old town has numerous historic features such as the magnificent palace, the defensive walls, and the cobblestone streets best for a family nature walk.

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