Elevators have witnessed much major and minor advancement over the last few years. As the needs and requirements of people change, the manufacturers start making advancements in the design and features of the elevators accordingly. These elevators have played a major role in shaping the modern city and are continuing to do so with improvement in their technologies and appearance.

Modern elevators have significantly added to people’s convenience and therefore they have become a need of present time. They have not only made transportation in buildings such malls and hotels easy, but they’ve also made movement easier within one’s own home. Being time and energy efficient, elevators have become a must-have for construction and real-estate companies.

Elevators come in various types and sizes. They vary in their designs and features and also in their installation processes. Over the time, many changes have been made to add to their efficiency and to serve passengers’ requirements and convenience.

Among various advancements that have taken place in elevators over the recent years, some of the most successful and useful ones are:

  1. Automatic Doors

The additions of automatic doors have been one of the major and most useful advancements in elevators. These doors automatically close after a certain time and stop from further closing when they encounter an obstruction.  Automatic doors have ultrasound and infrared sensors installed in them that help them function. These doors don’t suddenly close or open, and will stop from closing beforehand if passengers are moving in.

  • Microprocessor Control

In the past, elevators were run manually by the operators. There were no buttons to open or close the doors and select the floors. The operators had a lever with which they controlled the speed of the elevators and stopped at the destination floors.

However, about 30 years ago, microprocessors were introduced in Hydraulic Elevator elevators. After that, the work of human operators ended and the process became automated. The microprocessors took over the operations of elevators. The decisions of when to open and close doors and on which floor to stop were taken by these mini-computers. This advancement significantly increased the efficiency of elevators as it automatically controlled their moving speed.

The passengers now have to just click a button call the lift and then to select their destination floor. Much advancement in the travel speed of elevators has also been made after introduction of microprocessors. Microprocessors have indeed shaped the modern time elevators, as this wouldn’t have been possible with manually operated lifts.

  • Sky Lobbies

You might not have heard about these before as they’re not part elevator operations. However, they have a lot to do with modern elevator technologies.

How sky lobbies work? When you enter a lift on ground floor, it will take you all the way up at a high speed to a certain building floor without stopping. When the elevator door opens, you’ll be at the sky lobby and from there you will switch lifts. This other lift will take you rest of the way to your destination floor and it has the ability to stop at any floor along way. These lifts are either cable-driven or hydraulic shaft driven.

The purpose behind this innovation was to easily move large number of people with limited elevators. Sky lobbies are mostly used in tall and high-traffic buildings and their position is determined with the help of passenger flow models. The functions of elevators have become highly efficient due to the introduction of sky lobbies as they have saved much time and energy.

Moreover, this technology has given modern elevators the ability to accommodate more passengers and made them more comfortable.

  • Destination control

This is also a great advancement in elevators which has made its functionality much easier and convenient for passengers. Now you don’t have to press a button and then wait for the elevator to arrive. This new high-tech feature gives the building managers the ability to group passengers and assign them to elevators according to their destination floors. This feature helps move people more quickly and saves much time. Elevators with destination control feature are of great benefit for high-traffic areas where controlling the movement people is a difficult task.

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