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How to create an airport shuttle service app like Uber?

Commuters who travel to and fro from the airport seek convenient transportation services that enable them to easily carry their luggage and accommodate enough people. The need for quickly available rides to service flyers has created a demand for airport shuttle service apps. Here’s how you can create an airport shuttle service app and tap into the niche’s revenue stream.

Standing in lines and requesting cabs from little human-managed kiosks tends to result in congestion, delays, and mismanagement of not only cabs but also customers. Using an application to manage shuttle services makes it easy for not just customers, but also for drivers and service administrators. The best solution is to use an Uber clone app.

To create a high-quality, seamless functioning mobile phone application, you will have to,

  • Know your niche’s market – Research on the type of competitors you’ll face in the market, understand the transportation problems faced by airport commuters.
  • Choose a region to establish your app in – Deploy your app where consumers are active in using applications on their smartphones to avail services.
  • Adopt a profitable business model – Choose a workflow model that is simple yet beneficial.
  • Get necessary licenses and permits – to conduct your business, make sure you acquire all the permits required to run your fleet and service.
  • Develop your application – The quickest way to launch your app in the market is by using an Uber clone. It will contain all of the essential features a quintessential shuttle service app contains which are customizable and scalable.
  • Promote your application – Optimizing and advertising your shuttle application will let your app reach a wider audience.

Developing such an app

While the new-age entrepreneurs prefer ready-made solutions, still the traditional way of developing the app from scratch is being followed. However, it may take uncalculated hours of time in development and in research. It is highly unlikely to finish in a stipulated amount of time. With a ready-made app solution, it is easy to create the working version of the app within a weeks’ time. 

Also, it comes with the pre-loaded features and an inbuilt business/revenue model. More than that, it is a white-label solution and the entrepreneurs can develop a branded unique app using it. Now the current trend of app development is taking a diverge into using these kinds of ready-made solutions. The popular business models like Uber, Whatsapp, Instagram, Airbnb, and various other apps are also being developed into such ready-made apps.

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Major features of the ride-hailing apps like carpooling, in-built messaging, automatic ride & fare calculation, Map navigation etc. can be difficult if developed from scratch. However, the ready-made app solutions cover the problem by providing all the advanced features/modules of the top ride-hailing giants in the app. 

Wrapping up

Creating an airport shuttle service app will make managing a fleet of vehicles and customers a walk in the park. With high-quality scripts and robust design, you can successfully run your fleet business with an application. AppDupe is a curated marketplace for clones of popular web and mobile applications. They excel in developing shuttle service applications. Contact them right away.

Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth hacker & marketer for Uber clone product. She loves to find new business ideas and helps startup entrepreneurs with business consultation. She has a specialty in writing about startup ideas, feasible business recommendations etc.