Most Played Sports All Around the World

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy while this saying may not be completely true of the kids today, the truth is that children may be playing for long hours, but only on their smartphones and iPads. Kids are constantly glues to screens and outdoor play has taken a backseat. As a result, physical exercises are on the decline and both grown-ups and children are becoming more prone to lifestyle diseases, like diabetes due to obesity.

You can encourage your children to watch football games and cricket matches live by accompanying them to stadiums.  This may get them interested in the games and inspire them to play outdoors more often. You can get tickets to such games for much less with a Live Football Tickets coupon. Here are some of the most played sports across the world that can motivate you to become fitter:

1. Football: This sport is by far the most dominant game which tends to rule over the sporting arenas in most European countries. The game is more than simply a sporting activity in South America; it signifies big dreams for their kids. The sport is played by almost 250 million people across 200 countries, and is definitely the most-watched sport all over the world.

2. Volleyball: As many as 800 million people worldwide play this sport at least once weekly. This sport is most popular in North America and Western European nations; there are as many as 900 million fans of this game.

3. Table Tennis: Known better as Ping-Pong, this sport is played indoors and had its origin in England. Reports suggest that nearly 300 million people across the globe play table tennis. The biggest advantage of playing this sport is that it can be played even at home, which makes it a complete family sport.

4. Basketball: It is believed that as many as 450 million people play basketball around the world and this is a very popular sport in China and the US, South America, continental Europe, etc. The NBA or National Basketball Association of North America is perhaps the most well-known basketball league.

5. Badminton: This is also a rather popular sport which may be played solo or in pairs. Research says that almost 220 million play badminton, especially predominantly in Asian countries.

6. Field Hockey: This is different from ice hockey and is very popular in Asia, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and Argentina. As many as one million players are engaged in this sport.

7. Cricket: Cricket is perhaps the most played sport in the world, according to many sports journals. This sport began in England but has now become hugely popular in India, the West Indies, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. Countries like Ireland, Scotland and Afghanistan are also taking to this sport now.

8. Tennis: This game is played by as many as 60 million women and men all over the world and in countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. Grand Slam events like the Wimbledon, French Open, and US Open, etc. have the highest viewership.

9. Golf: This is predominantly played in East Asia, Western Europe and North America. This is a popular sport which is played by almost 60 million golfers and is one of the costliest sports too.

10. Rugby: This is a huge favorite in South Africa, UK, France, and Australia. The Rugby World Cup is an internationally-acclaimed event which draws an audience of two million people. While about 6 millions play this sport, there are about 2.36 million registered players.

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