Online Food Ordering is Surprisingly Advantageous for Your Restaurant! Here’s How

Online ordering systems have opened a new window of growth opportunities for restaurants as they can now sell more and provide customers with the convenience they deserve at the same time.

Online Food Ordering is a must-have for Your Restaurant! Here’s how

Is your restaurant staff tired of checking for telephone reception now and then because there are no delivery orders lately? Well, possibly, the problem is not the reception but the changing ways in which the customers like to place them. 

Yes, nowadays, the customers have shifted towards more efficient online delivery apps and websites rather than placing orders over calls. If you are wondering why then here is how online food ordering software are advantageous for the restaurant business.

1.    The first and foremost reason is that customers find it more convenient to place an order online. When they visit websites and apps, they can take all the time they need to fill their cart with the order, remove items, and add them when required. 

Also, the stats show that it takes customers 20% less time to place an online order. 

2.    By offering a more comprehensive menu with sides and combinations, the online ordering systems give the users more choices and more time. With all the time in their hands to place orders, customers can also check out deals and discounts.

And, often, the deals are better when they order more, compelling customers to buy two pizzas instead of one when it is availing them a discount of 30%.

3.    Some restaurants might feel that they will lose touch with their customers when receiving and delivering orders via online channels; this is certainly not the case. By freeing-up the staff from the phones, you can have them interact more with the dine-in customers and focus on delivering quality when packing orders. 

Timely deliveries and excellent food will earn equal accolades for your services.

4.    When your restaurant is receiving orders through an exclusive app or website, instead of the opting for third-party aggregators, you can make substantially higher profits. 
Most ordering system providers customize the apps for you and, unlike the aggregators who charge a commission on every order, they charge a minimal monthly subscription fee.  In return, you get exceptional ordering and delivery services for unlimited orders.

5.    Personalized software will give you the much-needed control on what the customers see. Yes, they allow you access to menu items so that you can remove the unavailable ones, or highlight the bestsellers.  Plus, you can make your menu more appealing by adding irresistible pictures of food that you know your customers will order.

6.    Aggregators try to ruin the healthy competition that goes on between restaurants for their financial motives. They do so by bidding the first spot in the search results, charging restaurants as much as 30% of their profits. 

However, online ordering systems maintain a market decorum by allowing customers to visit their preferred restaurant’s online portals and order. There are no shady tactics involved to attract customers, and sheer brand building brings them to you. 

7.    Finally, you can collect precious customer data that will help you discover who your loyal customers are and what they love to order the most. This will then help you create customized push-notifications and e-mailers for them.

In short, if your restaurant wants to keep up with the current trends, it should establish an online ordering and delivery system before the competition takes over.

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