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SHRIMP’S SUPERB STYLES: 10 Mouth-Watering Ways Fresh Shrimp Can Be Cooked and Served!

Cooking is not just something you can do when you are hungry at home, when you take care of your family or when visitors arrive. If you have not known yet, cooking is also a kind of art! Yes, it’s a very unique one, but it surely is an art in such a way that it enhances and expands your creativity, techniques and inventiveness in food. There are tons of styles you can use and come up with a single food. 

Among the many seafood you serve on your dining table, shrimp is one of those you can actually cook and prepare in numerous ways or styles! Its flexibility allows you to eat shrimp in the way you want to and in the way people who do not eat shrimp will be enticed. 

Making sure that you buy fresh seafood flawlessly, below are 10 superb styles you can cook shrimp that you and your loved ones will definitely adore! 


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Full of flavor and beauty, Shrimp and Grits is not at all a hard dish to prepare. Some think that it’s difficult to cook at home because of its exquisite taste that will make your heart flutter! 

Shrimp and Grits originated in the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina and Georgia. It’s their well-known and iconic meal! Together with chopped bacon, butter, cream, cheese, chicken broth, grits and many more, shrimp makes this a dish you cannot resist! 

Creaminess is its big feature; it gives you comfort and glee simply because it’s irresistible not to give a clear and unplanned reaction of satisfaction! You can use and add different flavors and ingredients which won’t kill this precious dish; you can do so if you essentially want it to give you less saturated fat and fewer calories.

It’s actually a healthy dish which even non-vegetable eaters will be amazed! Its richness is peerless. The flavors mixed with the shrimps even more boost the fresh seafood while not leaving it overshadowed by those tastes! Healthy food can be very pleasurable! Also called breakfast shrimp, you can cook and eat it anytime of the day in just 30 minutes approximately. 

You can check out Food Network and Fifteen Spatulas to learn easy Shrimp and Grits recipes.  


Want your shrimp pasta with a tangy twist? It’s time to make your very own Spicy Prawn Pasta! There are people who are more sensitive to spice than others and who cannot tolerate too much spice! That’s one of the boons of being able to cook your own kind of this pasta! You have control over your seasonings.

A little wildness won’t hurt your prawn pasta! This dish is not just a star for its wowing flavor but most vitally for its healthful contents! Vegetables, whole grains, well-picked tomato sauce and more merged with chubby fresh prawns?! Even in 15 minutes, you can make it! Indeed, it’s just crazily healthy for you! 

Manettas Seafood Market Australia and RecipeTin Eats offer some helpful cooking tips for this savory nosh!


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You would not immediately believe this is possible, but it is! Coconut Shrimp is absolutely an extraordinary way to cook this fresh seafood! Tastily dipped in coconut milk with butter, egg and other ingredients, then rolled in coconut flakes and various spices, you will never get enough of this unique shrimp dish!

You can have it fried or baked. You can have it for dinner or placed on skewers for parties and celebrations! Have it crunchy with flour, breadcrumbs and coconut grains. Kids will love how they hear and feel the shrimps are soft within and crackly when they touch your tongue and when you bite them! Furthermore, you can have it stir-fried with coco milk, and put them above your warm rice. 

It’s so easy and quick to create Coconut Shrimps! Not to be forgotten, a very nice dipping sauce completes this delectable and distinct food! Buy a sweet or chili dip for it, or better for your own desire, make your own.

Sally’s Baking Addiction and All Recipes are just some sources of doable Coconut Shrimp recipes.


Did somebody say Asian? Revitalizing and aromatic because of the strong hint of citrus, Asian Prawn Salad won’t disappoint your craving taste buds! Family dinner? Home date night? Birthday celebration? Or a simple cooking rush? Asian Prawn Salad is your rescue with the swift and no sweat cooking steps it requires!

It’s an exemplary starter, but you can consider it as a light main meal too. Fortunately, Woman and Home and Manettas Seafood Market Australia  have cooking recipes you yourself can check out!


Photo Source – Cooking With A Wallflower

Maybe you have already tried dining in a restaurant for Honey Walnut Shrimp, but worry no more about passing through rush hours and heavy traffic just for it! Why? Because even without leaving the house, you can already grab of this sumptuous shrimp dish just from your kitchen! This cooking style is loved for its sauciness, creaminess and sweetness! 

The shrimps turn golden, shining and waiting for you to take them in. Additionally, the special and important ingredient cannot be left out! Walnuts! You’d enjoy them crunchy with a caramel-like stuff melting in your mouth. 

It’s also beneficial since walnuts help in lowering blood pressure, support weight control and promote healthy brain function. You don’t just enjoy but become healthier at the same time. The Honey Walnut Shrimp can also be a crave-worthy appetizer. Start your meal course right with it! 

Visit Creme De La Crumb and The Recipe Critic for some recipes of this style.


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Want some spicy take on your fresh shrimp? Say no more. In less than 30 minutes, you can create the Chili Lime Shrimp! The hotness of chili powder combined with the sourness of lime juice is not like any other! Add them to your fresh seafood, and you’ll taste buds will get tickled and excited! 

Chili Lime Shrimp is a quick protein meal. It is so rich in lively flavors, that you wouldn’t immediately realize how the ingredients are not that complicated! They are simple and easy to access. There’s no need for you to buy hard-to-pronounce condiments and the like which you do not usually put in your grocery cart.  

When you are in a hurry or when you are just lazy, you think chicken is always the easiest way out, but dear, shrimp is also quick to cook and prepare! Especially with this Chili Lime Shrimp requiring you only chili powder, lime juice and shrimp as your main ingredients, it’s not very difficult at all.

In addition to that, you are free to mix it with vegetables to create a salad. It’s nutritious since lime has good effects on your digestive system, so you avoid indigestion. Because of its abundance in Vitamin C, risks of heart problems and kidney diseases also decrease. 

For cooking tips of this, pay a visit to Taste and See and Joyous Apron.


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Cooked with fresh tomatoes and delicious wine, Cioppino is certainly one legendary and quirky fish and shellfish stew. This dish came from San Francisco in California, and it’s also considered as Italian. 

If you want the Italian way, a slice of toasted bread must be in your bowl. It is full-flavored with connection to Italian fish stews of several regions. What’s more, you can blend other fresh seafood to create an even more colorful and diverse stew. Stout shrimp soaked in fragrant tomato goodness plus white wine will be a hit inside your home!

Drop by Home Chef and Good Housekeeping for informative words for making your own Cioppino


Photo Source – Cooking The Globe

Something even more packed with healthy goodness, Vietnamese Shrimp and Veggie Rolls are another special variation of spring rolls. Wraps are truly fresh and rejuvenating. Even without rice, this meal will already fill your tummy with bliss!

The classic spring roll has pork, but this one has shrimp. Not to mention, vegetables are added. It can be an appetizer or just a light meal.

Peanut dip is commonly the partner sauce of these rolls. There are loads of healthy crispy vegetables and herbs too. Vietnamese Shrimp and Veggie Rolls can be easily remade at home. Wrapped in rice paper, these rolls are full of nutrients and awesome taste!

In the sites Jessica Gavin and Foodie Crush, you can see some tips on this recipe.


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For fun movie nights or family reunions at home, Shrimp Tacos would be an easy-to-run-out pick on your dining table! They are family-friendly, and people of all ages will actually be able to eat it since it’s basically a pretty snack! 

Actually, this style itself can have sub-variations according to what you add inside your tortillas. It could be cabbage, avocado, mango or whatsoever you want and think would perfectly fit the shrimps in them!

Take note that shrimps should not be too big, so you will not have a hard time putting them inside the tortillas. Grill or sauté the shrimp; they are the top-notch in tacos! For more flavor and color, seasoning is the key.

Some sites with Shrimp Taco recipes include Well Plated and Pinch Of Yum.


Source – Savory Experiments

Tempura is not the only Japanese way you can cook your lovely shrimps! Sesame Teriyaki Shrimp is also right there, and it’s a piece of cake to cook and serve it! No hassle, you can immediately prepare and eat right after every process is done.

You don’t need to get a to-go in your favorite Japanese restaurant, since it’s quick to make your own Sesame Teriyaki Shrimp in your most comfortable dwelling. Sauteed shrimp goes with homespun teriyaki sauce. It’s best to serve it with fluffy and well-cooked rice and steamed broccoli. Healthy stuff! 

The iconic Japanese sauce made of soy glaze and soy sauce is the main reason for this meal’s stunning color and relish! For outdoor dates and gatherings, Sesame Teriyaki Shrimp is a must! 

Roasted sesame seeds make the shrimps have a thrilling texture while you put them in your mouth. Widely known, teriyaki sauce is sticky, but you won’t regret. 

Mag The Weekly and Group Recipes feature this recipe.



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Fresh shrimps can be expensive at times, depending on the seasons and market conditions, but purchasing them is without a doubt worth it! Moreover, if you cook it various styles and not just in one or two ways you usually do, you will even more realize that it’s an amazing seafood that tastes great whatever style is used. 

The above-mentioned are just some of the many shrimp cooking styles. They are all very unique. Surely, when you put down the shrimp-filled plate on the table, eyes will bulge and taste buds will panic in the best ways there are! Shrimp is an incredible seafood! It can make you happily dance, really! 

Do not hesitate to look back to this list when you want to call outstanding styles you can cook your shrimp differently. Away from your typical and “favorite” styles, shrimp cooking can be even more enjoyable and satisfying. Never forget that it’s always a must that you choose fresh seafood when you buy, so you get not just a viand but actually clean and healthy meals on your table.  


Nicole Ann Pore believes that freshness of what people eat is always important not only because of the experience but also of its health implications. She writes about matters that revolve around fresh seafood and the market industry. Nicole is a daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market Australia, an online and interactive seafood market allowing accessibility to the highest quality seafood from Australia and abroad.

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