Soda Affects Your Risk For Kidney Stones and How to prevent it

Kidney Stones:

The kidney removes waste mineral components from the blood fluid and produces urine. If the fluid level in blood decreases and the waste components level increases, the elements will settle down in the kidney and create kidney stones.

People who are at risk for Kidney Stones:

Some people have a high risk of kidney stone development.

  • Dehydration causes the formation of stones in the kidney. People who intake less amount of water suffers from kidney stones.
  • One who is obese or overweight has a high risk.
  • Diseases that affect calcium and water absorption will form kidney stones.
  • Medicines like water pills and many other calcium-based tablets cause the formation.
  • People who take diet with high protein, salt (sodium) or sugar, have more chance for the formation of kidney stones.

Soda (carbonated salt) and Kidney Stones:

Salt plays a vital role in the formation of kidney stones. The present generation has a high risk of kidney stones. It is because of their high sodium diet. Most of them take soda drinks.

If we take 12 ounces, the presence of sodium will be 46mg in cola, 71mg  in beer,  64 mg in lemon-lime soda, and 36mg in natural-soda.

The risk of kidney stone development is 23% for cola, 33% for non-cola drinks, 18% for punch, and 41% for beer. The presence of soda or sodium salt in the drinks cause the disease.

The average salt intake level is 1.5 grams a day for an adult. People who intake more than a can or bottle a day have the risk of developing kidney stones. Too much soda causes not only kidney stone development but also several other disorders like diabetes, cardiac arrest, gout, bone damage, etc.

Treatment for Kidney Stones:

Some factors determine the treatment method.

  • Size of the stone
  • Components of the stone
  • Position of the stone (whether it is blocking the urinary tract)
  • Effect of the stone (whether it is painful)

Patients have to take a urine test, a blood test, an x-ray, and a CT scan. All of them are not essential for all patients. It depends upon the condition of the patient.

If the size of the stone is small (less than or around 5mm), it is easy to cure the disease. Doctors prescribe pain killers and intake of plenty of water to push the stone out through the urinary tract.

Doctors prescribe other treatments for bigger stones. Physicians try to reduce the size of the stone. They give shock waves to break the stone into small pieces (shock wave lithotripsy) that it will come out through the urinary tract.

Using ureteroscopy, surgeons remove the stone without breaking. If the stone is large, they use the laser to break the stone. If the situation is too critical to do the above measures, patients have to undergo surgery.    

Prevention is better than cure:

The first and foremost step to avoid kidney stones is the intake of water. One should drink at least 8*8 ounce of water every day, which is approximately 2 liters.

Diet plays a vital role in prevention. One should reduce Sodium and animal protein in nutrition.

The present generation should avoid carbonated drinks. They have too much salt in it. Soda can cause the availability of a higher level of crystal-forming elements (calcium, oxalate, and uric acid) than the fluid in the blood. People should not take two or more bottles of carbonated drinks a day.

Best Doctors and Treatments for Kidney Stone in Delhi:

Some of the best doctors for kidney stone treatment in Delhi are Dr. Saurabh Pokhariyal, Dr. Munindra Kumar, Dr. Ashok Sarin, Dr. Sunil Prakash, Dr. Sham Sunder, Dr. Ravi Bansal, and Dr. Dinesh Khullar.

There are some best hospitals for kidney stone treatment in Delhi are,

  • Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, New Delhi.
  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Pusa Road, New Delhi
  • Max Super Speciality Hospitel, Saket
  • Dr. Niren Rao Urology Clinic in Neb Sarai, Delhi
  • Gangaram hospital, Delhi
  • Sitaram Bhartia Hospital and Medical Research Center
  • Artemis Hospitals, Gurgaon.
  • Pushpawati Singhania Research Institue,  Sheikh Sarai Phase, New Delhi.
  • Kidney Care Clinic, Mehrauli Badarpur Road, New Delhi.
  • Kidney Cure, Geetanjali Enclave, New Delhi.

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