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Spring is Coming – Is Your Condo Building Ready?

At this point in winter, it’s hard to imagine that the thermometer will ever report positive numbers again. It’s just cold, bleak, and ongoing. Don’t lose hope – spring is just around the corner. it’s so close that you can practically hear the robins chirping and the lawn mowers firing up from here! Is your condo ready?

Prepping for Condo Maintenance Season…errr, We Mean, Springtime!

There’s no time like springtime for working on that long list of renos and building improvements that’s been building up over the past several months of frigid winter weather. Every year, while there’s still snow on the ground, your condo board should be taking the time to put together a checklist of maintenance items to start tackling as soon as everything melts away in spring. This list should include both critical maintenance requirements – of which there should really only be one or two, if any – as well as all the preventative maintenance projects that you’d like to take care of in addition to details covering off how all of these projects will be carried out and communicated to unit owners by condominium management Red Deer.

Now, you might be thinking, “Our board already knows what needs to get done, so we’ll just worry about everything once the snow melts and we can actually get to work on things,” to which we say: best of luck! Leaving things until spring means that you lose the opportunity to plan, prepare, and importantly, to collect more cost-effective quotes.

Securing maintenance quotes early is integral to helping your projects find success for a number of reasons, including:

  • Schedule coordination. By getting quotes locked in early and sorting out when each maintenance project will begin and end, you’ll be better able to coordinate board member schedules in a way that allows proper oversight and management by various directors and sub-committees as necessary.
  • Warm weather price hikes. Depending on your contractor, costs for work might see a dramatic increase once the weather starts to warm up. By gathering quotes and booking projects while it’s still cold outside, you’re able to avoid these inflated costs and get the same work done for much less money.
  • Contractor availability. You’re not the only folks in town trying to get some work done this spring. By getting quotes ahead of time and scheduling jobs before the warmer weather settles in, you’re much more likely to get the contractors you want to work with, when you want to work with them. Wait too long, and you might not be able to get the help you need when you wanted it – or even maybe at all.

Get your quotes and bookings in early and you’ll be set for success come springtime!

Know What You’re in Charge Of

While your board’s busy booking renovations and repairs to common areas and building envelopes, it’s certainly worth knowing what you as a unit owner are responsible for so that you’re able to follow suit and get your own spring reno plans in place before the snow melts, too. Your responsibilities start with just about everything within the physical footprint of your unit. This includes common property controls like water valves, fan coils, zone controls, thermostats, and other similar sorts of equipment that might exist within your condo unit.

In addition to these concerns, you may also be required to maintain certain other areas of the property, too, depending on the language of your condo bylaws. This could include upkeep of:

  • Balconies and decks,
  • Common-use patios,
  • Parking spots, and
  • Other similar sorts of spaces.

Just like with those bigger, property-wide projects we were chatting about earlier, it pays to get organized and sort out your maintenance plans while the weather’s still cold – so take an inventory of what needs to be done and make it happen!

Stay One Step Ahead with Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to planning your spring and summer maintenance projects ahead of time, you want to address those problems that need fixing – but it’s also important to put yourself ahead of the game with preventative maintenance. Replacing a boiler before it breaks, for example, is far cheaper than needing to pay for a new boiler in addition toclean-up costs following the small flood that will occur if you wait for a critical failure before addressing the issue. Not only will preventative maintenance ultimately save you money, but it will also allow you to budget and plan ahead in a far more effective manner.

By tackling problems before they reach crisis-level, you’re able to address issues and concerns on your own time, according to your own schedule, and at a pace that your building is able to financially manage. Preventative maintenance allows you to more accurately build out your reserve fund study and sufficiently prepare for large-scale projects like critical equipment replacement, building envelope maintenance, or other high-cost repairs without needing to lean on special assessments or other sorts of disruptive, last resort-type approaches.

If you follow this blog’s advice and prepare in advance, you’ll be sitting pretty with regards to maintenance plans come springtime, no question. That said, don’t hesitate to give us a call at condo management companies calgary if you find yourself facing a project that you just can’t get sorted out, and we’ll do what we can to make sure you’re enjoying the sights and sounds of spring from your freshly-maintained condo building in no time!

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