What is Qandle?

In today’s fast-paced, no one has the time to manage things manually. Tracking employees, their payout and leaves can become a very hectic task. This is also a very sensitive data that needs to be handled carefully and with utmost diligence. We at qandle help you with just that. We provide you the best HR software for small and large companies alike. We help you manage the end-to-end employee needs within your company. “It is the superior way to manage your people.”

What makes Qandle Special?

There are several HR software available in the market today. But Qandle is becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons starting from its usability to its pricing instamp3. Here we look at some reasons why many small and large companies are switching to Qandle.

 Complete Package

We are providing a completed package which is capable of handling your end to end business needs. You need not buy different modules and packages from different vendors for your need. This makes Qandle not only the best but the wisest choice too.

Full Configurability

All our modules are 100% configurable based on the needs and policies of your company. We will also be providing the training and guidance on configuring as per your needs. This makes Qandle the good choice of HR software as if it were developed only for you.

Affordable Pricing

This is the key. Our pricing is very transparent and affordable. There are no hidden charges. This makes Qandle the best HR software for small business who may not want to shell out huge sums initially. Our software is also suited for all types of companies and business.

Ease of Use

The success of any software is based on easy it is to operate and how comfortable the people feel while using it. Our software and modules are simple with great UX. It can be easily learned and configured in a very short period too.

Specialized Modules offered

There are several products and features offered at Qandle and we boast of having the best HR management software. Some of our products and their features are:

Core HR

Core HR deals with everything related to the employees once they are taken on board. We provide separate modules for Leave Management to take care of the leave entitlement, encashment, leave policies, work from home, etc. There is a section under core HR which deals with the daily attendance and time tracking of individual employees. On need bases, these can be made access restricted. Payroll is our most preferred and best HR software for large companies.

This takes care of all payments, reimbursements and other calculations related to tax, PF, gratuity and other deductions. More and more companies are switching to our payroll module because of the ease of use of our software and its reporting capabilities. Employee database, Employee Self Service, Asset Management and Employee helpdesk are the other modules that are included in the Core HR package.

Strategic HR

One of the main components of the strategic HR module is recruitment and onboarding. It involves the details of the offer rolled out, date of joining, BGV, medical test and the formalities that need to be completed after onboarding. These are configurable by the company. Strategic HR has a separate module for Performance Management, which mainly deals with the year on year increments based on the goals set by the employee and the achievement of these goals. Features related to Project tracking, resource allocation, etc are also available. These features enable businesses to do an end-to-end tracking of their employee.

Reports and Analysis

Reports are a very important part of any HR software because they help in the analysis the employee data and drives further policy updates in any organization. Qandle gives you many customized reports as per your needs and helps with the analysis as well. A complete module dedicated only for reports is available with us which can be used by the companies for employee data analysis as they choose.

Add Ons

There are some add-on modules as well that we are offering like Shift Planning and HR advisory. These help in managing the shift timelines and work assignment to different employees. The advisory relates to online resources and best practices which the company may want to implement.

Client Base

We have an ever-increasing client base. More and more small and large business, as well as corporates, are switching to Qandle. PhonePe,, Chai Point, FarEye, Zaggle, Pubg pc, pikkol are some of our happy clients. Our clients are not only happy with our support and services, but they also recommend Qandle to others.

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