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What You Should Know When Hiring a General Contractor

The real estate investors who are new to this business often get confused before hiring a general contractor. Some of them start considering other options like acting as a general contractor while other don’t know which general contractor to go to. There are various things that need to be kept in mind before hiring a general contractor.

A major reason behind this confusion is the additional cost that has to be incurred if a general contractor is hired. It is obvious that general contractors charge for their service, and they charge a lot! So before spending such a huge amount of money, investors have to be sure in every way if it’s worth it.

Moreover, there are various benefits of hiring a general contractor which cannot be overlooked. These benefits may to some extent depending on the level of your construction project. For example, if you have to get a new house constructed then hiring a general contractor would be a better idea, but if you’re renovating a bathroom or a kitchen, they may be you can act as your own general contractor and hire subcontractors for certain tasks like plumbing etc. It will obviously be cheaper to hire subcontractors in this case and manage the construction project yourself.

However, when you invest in a construction project on large scale, you’re probably going to hire a general contractor. They may add to the cost of your project, but they will also bring additional services and knowledge to the table. So before you hire one, here’s everything you need to know about them and what they can do for you:

  • They Will Act as Coordinators

General contractors hire and manage the subcontractors and assign tasks to the workers. They coordinate with the suppliers and traders etc. Moreover, they make sure that all the workers and stakeholders are updated with the progress of the construction process. So basically they act as a central point of contact in a construction project.

  • Efficient Project Management

Managing the entire project is the chief responsibility of general contractor calgary. They create the project plan and schedule all the tasks. They set deadlines of the deliverables and ensure that all the required materials and labour is present on time. It is the responsibility of general contractors to ensure that all the tasks are completed on the given deadline and within the set budget. They also ensure that the project is legally approved and take all the necessary permits that are required. General contractors also arrange building inspections in case there is building permit for the construction project, and hold meetings with the building inspector.

  • Accountability

This one major benefit of hiring a general contractor which is often overlooked. When something wrong happens during the construction process, nobody takes the responsibility and start blaming one another. In such cases it is the general contractor who steps forward and takes the responsibility of whatever has gone wrong in the process. Moreover, he also ensures that all the occurred problems are solved as soon as possible and things are brought back on track.

  • They are Experienced Professionals

General contractors have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field due to which they know about all the aspects of the construction process including its sequence, required materials, how much time and cost will be spent on each project phase, and what legal measures have to be taken etc. Due to this reason they are able to execute the project plan as efficiently as possible.

  • Risk Management

This is yet another benefit of hiring a general contractor. Risks are present in all construction projects at all levels. General contractors make sure that they get workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance to mitigate the risks in case anything unpleasant accident takes place. They also ensure that the working conditions on site are safe for the workers so that they don’t experience any mishap.

  • They Offer Warranty of the Work They Do

General contractors give you at least 1-year warranty of the work they do. If any pipe gets leaked, they get it fixed, if paint of any wall comes off, they get it repainted, and so on. If you don’t hire a general contractor you will have to call the plumber or painter yourself, and it may cost you extra money.

  • They get labour and materials at better prices

Hiring a general contractor may actually reduce your project budget, and if not that than it will definitely off-set some of the fee that you pay to the general contractor. It is because these professionals help you get labour and materials at lower prices than you can get yourself. They are in this business for years and have good relationships with many suppliers and labour unions, due to which they’re offered better prices.  

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