WhatsApp status trends in Youth

Today, we live in a rapidly moving world, there are changing in every moment. Hence life is going to complications in every phase but technology has made life very easy and approachable. There is an advancement in the world at a very fast pace and people are affected by them in various ways. There are many applications for ease and to comfort people with new technologies and. WhatsApp is one of the applications of such technology. Recently it has become a famous word among youth, it is available in many electronic devices such as I-Phone, Android, windows phone and computer also.

What is WhatsApp status:

In WhatsApp, there is a status feature that provides your surroundings and connected people with an idea of your current situation, location, and activity. Also, give the facility to your contacts to indicate that you are online and can receive the messages. WhatsApp Status gives an opportunity to you, to share your text, photos, videos and GIFs that will automatically disappear after 24 hours. It is necessary that you and your contact must save the contact numbers in your mobile phone then your WhatsApp status will be shown to your contacts. So, we can say that WhatsApp status is a source to show your family and friends where you are and what are you doing. it is like an online silent message or as the statement you provide that you are busy, available or not.

Why WhatsApp status is trending in youth:

As we exist in the age of advancements and technology where there are many chances to make your life comfortable and easy. If there is an attractive and low-cost facility to make life easier, people’s trend goes to it and the maximum start to follow it blindly. The survey indicates that about 72% of youth use best WhatsApp status quotes and WhatsApp status. Through WhatsApp status, youth can provide their current situation to their loved ones. WhatsApp Status is a free source of communication. Now we try to highlight what WhatsApp status provide facilities in communication and the reasons why youth follow WhatsApp status so much:

  • WhatsApp status is an instant source to send a message anywhere in the world.
  • It is easy to use, even a beginner mobile user can use it.
  • Your connected people will be able to check your current location and situation.
  • It is not complicated; you can set the privacy of your status to show only to specific people to see what your current status is. 
  • The status will also indicate that either you are online or not and when you were checked your WhatsApp last time. 
  • WhatsApp status feature provides an opportunity for you to share videos, messages, photos, which will automatically disappear after 24 hours. You can also check who has seen your status.


  • WhatsApp has introduced a status privacy feature. If you have viewed someone’s status update with Reading receipts off, they won’t find that you have seen their status. 
  • WhatsApp is being used 50 times in a day by youth. 
  • Survey report tells that youth’s favorite activity through WhatsApp status is chatting, sharing pictures, comedy and joking videos. 

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