3 Rules to follow while creating video animation

Internet is a widely used platform through which people encounter tons of videos; those who have sought after video animation to represent themselves are therefore required to make their video stand out in manner to reach more people and retain their viewers’ attention. 

What those 3 rules are:

  • The video shouldn’t be longer than 90 seconds. Each scene within the video shouldn’t be longer than 9 seconds, the shorter they are the more attention they’ll be able to retain.
  • Within that time duration, there should be of at least 10 scenes, anything less or too much is going to make the video less interesting and less engaging.  
  • Each scene should not be consisting of more than 9 objects. Too many objects make the video more susceptible towards getting ignored by the viewers. 

Why it is important to have short scenes:

Video Animation Company focuses on making the animated video as engaging as it can be. Human beings tend to find it hard to concentrate on things that have a monotonous and slow-paced flow. Therefore it is best to keep your scenes as short as possible, the shorter they will be the more interest they’ll pique from the viewer’s side. 

Everyone loves a concise and to the point video which doesn’t waste their time. Within the duration of each scene, it is also important to discuss matters which are beneficial for the viewer rather than features that are not their main concern. They need to hear and see what they want to hear and see, if otherwise; the animated video is more likely to get turned down by the majority.

Why 10 is the ideal number of scenes for animated videos:

People who create videos which are long in length but consist of less number of scenes, usually end up dragging the video for nothing. And viewers don’t find that appealing. However, videos which are short in length but have more number of scenes within them, prove to be more effective at gaining attention from their audience. 

Scenes that are present at the start of a video are the key ingredients that either make your video or break it, they influence your viewership. It is best to induce strong emotions at the very start of the video, such as curiosity. This will help your viewer stick to the video, to the very end. It is usually advised to ignite the video with three scenes at the start and then go accordingly. 

The next part revolves around the actual message behind the animated video. It is essential to connect and communicate with your viewer during that time duration of the animated video. 

 The last part is where you ask your viewers to promote your content, it should be conveyed to the viewer in a polite and discreet manner rather than giving them a feeling that you’re begging for it. This only required one scene, but it is an important one. It should be thought of beforehand, since it needs to fit in with the context of the entire video. 

Why it’s important to have an optimized amount of objects within the video:

Whatsoever object is being represented in the animated video is going to be considered as an object. This includes props, texts, characters, images and charts, along with many others. 

Having too many objects in just one single scene can make the viewer’s experience overwhelming. These days minimalistic ideas are being valued more than detailed ones; in a manner to keep up with the industry’s requirements you’ll be required to keep your concepts in accordance with the trends.

Imagine it yourself, you are watching an animated video and it consists of too many objects which are all highly detailed, but you’re required to pay attention to the voice-over too at the same time along with focusing on the character. Will you be able to do that?

Which is why the simpler it is the better. 

Why the length of the entire animated video matters:

Animated videos which are often used for marketing purposes are made short. According to several studies, it has been proven that people lose interest after their first few minutes in a video. 

And videos that cannot be made in under two minutes of length, you need to make sure they have high-quality content within them. 

One of the main reasons for shorter animated videos being preferred more than longer ones is that people of today’s world are too busy to invest time for anything else besides their instinctive needs. Time is an important factor in today’s world, even more important than money in most cases. This is why companies that offer efficient services are used more often than those which take their time to cater to their clients, it is a rat race. 

Moreover, the attention span of today’s people has decreased. They cannot manage well to keep up with anything which exceeds their own criteria. 

These 3 rules are going to assist you at coming up with an exceptional piece that stands out from the rest due to its features that cater to the psychological aspect of viewers. 

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