Landmark Forum is all about positivity in life. The Landmark Forum is designed to bring transformation in people’s lives. The Landmark Forum programs are the cause of a new and unique kind of freedom and power. The freedom to be absolutely at ease and the power to be effective in everyday matters. People are able to achieve higher excellence levels with the help of Landmark Forum.

Landmark Worldwide works for the betterment of people and their lives, giving them a new meaning to live by making them focus about the things that actually matter in their lives. Landmark Worldwide gives hope to the people who have lost hopes to their lives.

The programs offered by Landmark Worldwide are attended by more than 193,000 people around the globe. Landmark Forum is recognized as the worldwide leader in the field with more than 2.4 million people having participated in these courses from 23 countries worldwide.

The Landmark Forum was introduced in January 1991. The company was updated and reduced in length from four days to three days, and this course was named as the Landmark Forum Worldwide. Since then it has updated and developed 55 additional training courses and seminar programs which are delivered in 23 countries around the world.

The core business operation of Landmark Worldwide is the delivery of seminars and training courses which aim to offer improvements in personal productivity, communication skills, vitality and decision making. The Landmark Forum also provides six and twelve months training programs on the topics related to team work, public speaking, and leadership.

During the course of Landmark Forum, the participants are also encouraged to call the family members and friends with whom they have unresolved tensions and to take the responsibility of their own behavior. The ideas found in Landmark Forum programs are identified by some writers as the most influential in the development of the modern coaching industry.

Employees of organizations including Microsoft, Apple, Reebok, NASA, Panda Express and Glaxo Smith Kline have participated in the Landmark Forum programs. Some of thecourses at Landmark Forum are intensive two or three day courses, in which some of the courses require participants to start a community project. Those courses are structured to help and support them in its design and implementation.

Landmark Worldwide is operated as an employee owned for profit private company. Landmark Forum also offers business consulting. The Vanto Group Inc. Founded in 1993 as Landmark Education Business Development (LEBD) uses the methodology of Landmark Forum to provide consulting services to businesses and other organizations.

Course leaders at the Landmark Forum set up the rules at the beginning of the program and strongly encourages participants not to miss any part of the program. Participants are also urged to be coachable and not just be observers during the Landmark Forum program.

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