Biliary stent – a revolutionary product

Human body is made up of number of organs which provide different functions in order to keep the body running perfectly. Every organ has its own function which it performs throughout the day like brain for thinking and giving instructions to various parts of body, stomach for storage and digestion of food etc. Even if one organ fails to perform its function properly, the whole body crumbles down. It can cause serious damage to the body and may require immediate mediation attention.

Bile is a greenish fluid which is secreted by liver in the body. It helps in performing various functions like:

  1. Digestion of food
  2. Absorption of fats and various minerals and nutrients
  3. Removal of waste from the body

It is transported from the liver to the pancreas for digestion through the bile duct. However, if this bile duct gets blocked due to any reason then immediate treatment is the only option. In the absence of bile, waste would not be removed which will lead to build up of toxins in the body and immediately death.

There can be several reasons for a blockage in bile duct like:

  1. Cysts in the liver or the duct
  2. Infection in the body
  3. Presence of parasites in the body causing the blockage
  4. Tumor
  5. Any injury which may have caused some damage to the liver or the duct which must have caused the blockage.
  6. Inflammation of ducts
  7. Presence of stones in the Gall bladder. Bile juice is transferred from the liver to the pancreas for digestion through the bile duct. Any stones in the gall bladder can cause a blockage in the bile duct.

The best treatment is to go for endoscopic biliary stenting. A biliary stent is short tube with the shape of a cylinder which placed in the bile duct in order to keep the bile duct open for transportation of bile juice. This procedure is done using an endoscopic tube which does not require any surgery. It has a camera for viewing internal organs. Endoscopic stenting is the least painful method of opening the bile duct.

One must take several precautions before going for procedure like:

  1. Taking a medical advice to identify the main reason for blockage in the bile duct.
  2. Giving complete information about any history of such problems like presence of stones in the gall bladder in the past.
  3. Informing about any allergies or some damage to the liver due to any injury.
  4. Taking complete knowledge about the risks of endoscopic biliary stent procedure.
  5. Informing the operating doctor of any disease or ailment one is suffering from like diabetes before the process has begun. Complete information about any genetic problem should be provided.
  6. Providing the essential reports like an MRI and CT scan needed for identifying the main cause of the problem.

Also, after the procedure, one must take complete care of his/her health in order to avoid any future complications. One must switch to a more healthy diet. Also, it is essential to ensure the authenticity of the stent by stating clearly to procure it from authorized endoscopic biliary stent product suppliers. These precautions must be kept in mind to live a healthy life even after the procedure is successful.

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