Building Great Author Websites

great author websites

A great book which has not reached the readers is as good as a book not written yet. Every writer wants his book to be read by one and all. That is why we need proper marketing of the book. In this digital age, the best form of marketing is obviously digital marketing. For that, the writer would need a digital asset where the potential readers or the interested buyers can come to get all the information on the book as well as buy the book. Thus, the term, author website came into existence.

Author websites are basically specialised website which talks about the book or the books of a particular author. This is needed by upcoming authors mostly, especially those who are yet to become a known name in the industry. These websites provide all the information about the book including the positive reviews it has received, details of the author and all his achievements or what makes him the most eligible person to write this book, some excerpts from the book which will make the buyer curious and of course, the detailed instructions for buying the book.

Whatever looks good, sells better.  To make it a great author websites, the website should look good as well. The focus should be on the book, or books, but a great looking website will obviously make the reader feel more comfortable while buying the book. As financial transactions are involved, security is another issue to consider while developing the website.

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